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Sunday, November 9, 2014

2014 is a year of transformation. It's my last year in my twenties. Before i start musing about character transformation, i'll start with the easier bit. The physical.

I told myself i would do Lasik before turning 30 for quicker recovery and longer lasting results. I did it on 16 Oct at Eagle Eye Center with Dr Julian Teng. 

I asked the nurse if she would poke my eye before surgery to test if the numbing eye drops worked. She gave me a non-assuring reply "eeeer, we don't usually do tests", but promised to give me extra drops just before the surgery. 

She forgot, and i had to screech "You forgot extra drops!!", alarming everyone, just before they pushed the meanacing machine arm over my head.  

Dr Teng, a referral from afew of my friends, explained every single step of the process while its ongoing. Counting down as i experienced 30secs of blackout while conscious and with my eyes clamped open. That keeps alot of assurance but didn't stop me from giving my own commentary out loud during the procedure. Its the same phenonemon as my experience eating blind. The surgery room staff must be snickering at me, another version of a hyperventilating patient. 

It didn't hurt one bit and recovery was with little trouble. The only gripe was i couldn't join Zombie Run that following Sat as i could possibly get punched in the post-surgery eye.  

I've done braces in my teens and due to an irresponsible family dentist and an ignorant me, i didn't know retainers were to be worn for life. Thus, my teeth have shifted to be uneven. Having gone through metal wires, food in between them and coloured rubber bands for 3 years, i ain't going back again. iDental made Invisalign happen, almost self serving with 33 sets of aligners i will apply for 12 months. 

Finally, having hair reaching my lower back for the last decade, i bought short hair for my birthday. Women loved it, men hated it. One assumed i'm experiencing a bad patch, one said i'v lost linear beauty (?!?), my bro laughed its "back-to-school" hair. 

At 29, i know who i am and i don't need to play it safe with long hair. I just didn't feel like falling in line and i know if i didn't like it, its temporary. Just like bad experiences, trials, tribulations, challenges and hardship. Nothing cannot be overcomed. 

It is what it is, there's no room for assumptions. 

It is fearless. 

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