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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Things Successful People Do on a Weekend

Success is determined by one's self. It could be satisfaction with your wealth, milestones achieved at a young age, or solid relationships with loved ones. However, more often than not, the world equates success to a high ranking position in your career at a young age.

I have not thought of myself as successful, but as age and experience creeps on, i became gradually proud of my life journey.

My conservative Asian parents reckons i play too much and sometimes nag at me. Their belief is "slog when young and reap the fruits at retirement".

Other than the fact that, you could possibly not live Forbes recently published an article of the 14 Things Successful People Do on a Weekend, and it further affirms my belief that my playfulness is what gives me my edge professionally.

After all, the whole point of the week is the weekend.

It is what you do on the weekend, that fuels you during the week. I never found the first five days after a weekend hard. Well, other than the fact that i have been very blessed with jobs that i love going to.

Partying or drinking excessively is something i do not do on a weekend. Getting wasted is wasting the weekend, even if socializing is listed as one of the 14 things.

I have a weekend routine. I start off my weekend with exercise. Even if it means waking up at 7am to catch the 8.30am yoga class. The best Tweets come to my head when i'm in the cobra or one legged standing pose.
On certain weekends, i do something a little more special like doing an adventure course, going out on a boat or visiting somewhere special. Being active and outdoors is an opportunity to disconnect, to pry myself away from the addictive finger swiping.
There are also days when i just want to stay home because i had been out socializing on the weekdays. On such weekends, i indulge in my passion. Blogging. This is also the reason why i didn't want to go into hardcore monetizing my blog or blog full-time. This is a hobby i keep, for me to do whenever i want and however i want. Some of my best blog posts are written on a Friday! While cinemas are a bad weekend idea because you're losing precious outdoor time, there are Saturdays where i like to veg out in front of a big screen with a movie that doesn't require much thinking. Now that I've relocated temporary to Europe, weekends staying in mean trying out new recipes.

I do plenty of weekend getaways as well. While many of my colleagues complain about the office being far from the city center back in Singapore, i took advantage of it being near the airport. Bangkok, Bali, Ho Chi Minh and even Malaysia are the usual suspects. That attitude didn't change, in fact increased its frequency now that i'm in Europe. I wasted no time in spending my weekends in Budapest, Florence and just last weekend Lake Como.
In fact, making future plans on a weekend is also an effective way of preparing for the work week. Being able to plan ahead makes me focused in achieving goals. It also makes me a more responsible worker. I am now planning for my next weekend getaway in Milan :)

My other ritual on a weekend is attending church. The 2 hours spent allows me to reflect, appreciate and be more introspective about larger issues.

How are your weekends like?



Smithankyou said...

i exercise, walk my dog, clean my house, cook some food, write some shit, spend time with the family, niece, parents and also try to make some love. typical human. guess im not successful yet!

Cindy said...

Most of the time, I went out of town on a weekend. if not, I go malling... My family will seldom see me at home on a weekend, only when there are family occasions or when I am sick (lol)..

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