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Friday, June 7, 2013

My Home Spa

Being away from the convenience of Singapore means i CANNOT INDULGE IN MY MONTHLY SPA AND FACIALS! That, is tough. Here, a manicure starts from SGD 150!! So I came prepared.
The change in climate in the initial weeks have made me breakout, peel and develop dandruff. The breakout was salvaged by Porcelain Face Spa's Balance Essence. It really is a skin and ego saver, removing pimples without medication! It even hydrates my skin. 
I was spoilt rotten by Phytho Hair Spa and Hairscience back home. Here, i maintain my hair spa with Silkpro Treatment Conditioner and Hair Tonic Concentrate. Silkpro has a new range with ingredients that seem to be pretty natural, chemical free. Do you know the one thing that Singaporean men fear the most? It is the loss of hair. NUMBER ONE FEAR.
It freaks me out whenever i comb or wash my hair. I drop alot of hair, so i googled and results say dropping 80 strands a day is normal. Especially if you have long hair, it is heavy (thus more hair fall) and it looks like alot in your hand because it is long. I confess, I have collected them in a day and counted them one strand by one strand. It is not severe hair loss (phew!).
But prevention can always start! The new Silkpro Hairvolution promotes balancing, strengthening and protecting the scalp to prevent hair loss.
My home spa also consist of Kneipp body scrub for the body and for the face, i love Khiel's microbeads facial scrub. You only need a 5 cent coin dollop. It is so fine, and it feels so good.
But first, i throughly remove any residue on my face with Porcelain Face Spa's make-up remover. I didn't know this before, but even if you do not have make-up on your face, you need to use one to throughly cleanse your face because sunblock can clog pores. Not Biore's Aqua UV though.
I then lay in a hot tub, with Porcelain Face Spa's Hydrocare paper mask on. Made from a bio-cellulose fabric that the salon launched in 2010 after research and lab work, it contours my face, while working to fight the signs of dryness and dehydration with ingredients like Sodium hyaluronate, lychee seed extract and fig fruit extract. It also has Vitamin E content that provides antioxidant protection and helps further nourish my skin.
Usually these paper masks always have an excess of mask serum in the pack. I either use it on my neck or i store it in a small container and use it for the next couple of days.

This is how i conduct my home spa, complete with lighting a scented candel and eating a scoop of ice-cream while my hair and face is being treated sitting in a bath tub!


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