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Friday, June 28, 2013

Weekend in Lake Como

I never thought George Clooney was appealing despite women of all ages fawning over him. Until i met him.

No, not Clooney but a gentleman with a similiar style that made me think of George instantly. He is of French descent and his hair is all white. It matches well with his tanned skin. A man who have lived and worked in the most dangerous places, i reckon he makes a good grandfather with plenty of stories to enthrall. He believes in inculcating culture to his children who travelled the world and brought them up with a 'do not waste' motto. 'Do not waste food, do not waste time, do not waste intellect.'

I noticed his half rimmed black framed glass when we first met. With his satire humour, his voice was clam and charming. It didn't matter that he had a paunch or walked with a limp, there's something about him that appealed to me. He looked very sleek and smart, he joked that anyone wearing a dark suit with light brown shoes should be punished. He shared that 8 years ago, he started a fond collection of canes because of that limp. It made me think of my grandma. Her steps are labourous because of old age. A walking stick would help alleviate the pain, but she refuses to use one. Perhaps it's pride, perhaps it's denial of age, or maybe my grandma is really too vain and it damages her fashion.

But this man refuses to let his cane spoil his style. He wouldn't use one of those plastic ones. Instead, he scoured around the world for classy antique ones. Those that only rich men in the past would use. He has 20 over canes to suit different moods and style. This man is like a woman with shoes.

While we are on that topic of sauve old men, i spent a weekend in Lake Como where George Clooney allegedly lives.
In Italy where cities are hurried and packed with tourists, it was serene at our spot. Lake Como consists of many towns around the gigantic lake. We walked for miles without another person in sight sometimes.
One of us could pilot a boat, so we rented one and went house viewing. Trying to see if we can catch George Clooney sun bathing naked in one of them.
The houses are all pretty fancy and we start making up stories about the people living in there. Ironically, someone mentioned to us they have NEVER seen anyone coming out of those houses.
So we town hopped with our yatch and pretended to be rich and famous.
We didn't find George but came close enough to living his life cruising around the lake, licking gelatos and wolfing down pastas.

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