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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Stranger in Dubai

He entered the subway and immediately caught my eye. He stood out compared to the other passengers, simply because i found his black skinny jeans a tad too tight. I couldn't help but my eyes were drawn to his nether region, circling like a hawk above carcass. This is an intimate thought of a woman(hey, we do look too).

Our eyes met and i quickly looked at my feet. As he looked away, my eyes started wandering back. His pointed brown leather shoes, crisp white fitted shirt with black vest. Did i mention the skinny black jeans? There was something renegade about him. I can't explain, but its dangerous yet alluring.

I missed my footing when the train jerked. That caught his attention and his lips had a slight curve. I saw him fiddling with his belt buckle, it was a unique D&G which doesn't quite unbuckle normally. That did it, I had to talk to him.

"Are you Italian?"
"No, i'm mixed. Lebanese and Turk."
"Oh.Your fashion is different, flamboyant."
"I'm a mooooodel", he drawled.

He asked for my number & i scribbled my local SIM hastily before alighting. I've never done this on a holiday (chatting up strangers), it was pretty exhilirating.

However, friendships don't happen like that. In the next few days, conversation was hard over Whatsapp. There wasn't anything to talk about and he kept sending me his poorly shot makeover pictures. When i showed my girlfriend, she said he looked like a failed Backstreet Boy (hur hur hur).

I had enough common sense to reject evening drinks but relented to a coffee on my last day in Dubai. Alas, he didn't show up because he was first caught in traffic then met an accident. What are the odds.

So, that's my story of a stranger in Dubai.
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