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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Make your own Chocolate


Yvonne, Grace and Kenneth have won their creations! Check out Yvonne's creation for her boyfriend! Isn't she sweet?

I must say i was skeptical of initially because of the strangest additions you can add to your chocolate.

I know strawberry bits in white chocolate is heavenly (my favourite when in Australia), but BACON bits in white chocolate? Or how about ikan bilis and garlic granulas? Sounds like char kway tiao already!

You CAN match normal toppings like fruits and nuts with your chocolate. However, as with all things, i decide to wing it and try the most exotic of the exotic toppings.

I was pleasantly surprised.

Or maybe i'm a closet chocolatier.

I carefully select a combination of the exotic with spices.

This was inspired by Breadtalk's floss bun which we all love. I didn't think it could go wrong.

The floss don't quite stick to the chocolate, but the chilli dark chocolate combination was a good one. I tasted a hint of sea salt too but i can't be sure. Maybe Cocoa B do screen our recipes just to ensure we don't go horrendous wrong. A little magical dust of a missing ingredient to make us feel like the most inventive chocolatier with award winning creations.


This was clearly inspired when i need lunch. Imagining a slow cooked tender pork leg with rosemary, heart sprinkles thrown in just because.

I don't think bacon bits have much of a flavour to begin with (like in casear salads), but it provides a crunchy bite. It also adds an oily film to your lips. The rosemary was fragrant, it was quite an adventurous choice.


The healthier choice chocolate is inspired by the soups that my mum makes. I will never chew on wolfberries because it weirds me out. I usually collect them floating in the soup and swallow them whole. They're so small i hope my stomach juices can digest them without effort.

Maybe adding it into chocolate would make the child eat her wolfberries. And i did! The roasted lotus seed is just like a hazelnut. Very similiar to the regular chocolate bar filled with fruits and nuts, but you know its not. It's EXOTIC.

Your creation, their kitchen. Make your own chocolate. Maybe as a gift, maybe as self-indulgence, however you like it, it starts from $7.90.


3 readers can get their creations (100g) delivered! Leave a comment what creation you will make and what inspired you. Remember to include your email!


Anonymous said...

hello Xtine!

chocolate lover reporting!

i would like to create:
1. milk chocolate bar
2. oreo bits
3. jelly beans
4. cranberries
5. 'I love you' plaque in the middle of the bar with 2 gummy bears beside it

inspired by love.ingredients chosen are what my boyfriend and i like. cannot imagine how it would be like to combine them and would love to try it <3

thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow yvonne, thats gona be a mouthful :p
Cocoa B will be picking the winners, good luck!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for such a 'sweet' giveaway!

Name of my creation: Fruity Nutty Wolfyberry

Ingredients: Apricot, Macademia Buts and Wolfberries (as you might have guessed from its name)

I have added in everything I like, plus some wolfberries to make eating chocalate seem more of a 'healthier' choice. *wink wink*


Unknown said...

Hi Xtine,

I would love to create a choco combi for my health conscious mother!

ingredients: Dark Chocolate
Dried Strawberries
Rose Mary Leaves

I am sure it will be a great surprise for her esp when she is so particular in eating healthy food! :P

my email.

Hope to hear from you soon!


Anonymous said...

xtine, its indeed a big big mouthful, thanks for responding to my comment because its a nice gesture since i am an avid reader of yours! =D

no problem, i understand that Cocoa B will select the winners.

have a great weekend ahead!

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