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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Gadget of the Year

Contary to popular belief, i have a full time job. Not as a blogger, but as a sanitary pad collector. An average woman uses 15,000 pads in her lifetime, it's a business opportunity there. IF, you can turn it into energy.

Nah, i'm joking but i thought that sounded more glamourous than admitting i'm just a regular office lady.

How do i juggle both a demanding job, an equally time consuming blog and so much traveling?

While passion is the main driver for all 3, i get tremendous help from someone.

                                     The BlackBerry Z10

I think the BlackBerry sets apart the adults from the kids (don't quote me), the working professional from the bloooogger (taking a dig here).

The BB10 Experience is very smooth and easy to use! It was a seamless transition from my old iPhone. I actually hate it that my iPhone can never attach more than one file in emails.

I was recently at an off-site conference and everyone was talking about their LinkedIn profile! Without my knowledge, the organizer captured my LinkedIn profile and printed me it!

Probably the most useless piece of paper i've got, but hey, it's still swag. Some people have got a pretty cool image of their network. Theirs looked like a jelly fish or a whale. You can see your own visualization here and no, it isn't quite a useless piece of image.

With the BlackBerry® Flow, i could have tapped on an attendee listed for a meeting to see their latest tweet or LinkedIn profile. It is truly for the working professional because the BlackBerry® BalanceTM technology elegantly separates and secures work applications and data from personal content. With a keyboard that understands and adapts to you, that learns what words you use and how you use them, then offers them up to you so you can type faster and more accurately.

I could actually work efficiently by the beach and not at the desk!
This is my favourite feature of the BB Z10, discovered it while fiddling around. I swear my heart palpitated and i almost wet my panty from the excitement. Story Maker, which lets me bring a collection of photos and videos together, along with music and effects, to produce an HD movie that you can instantly share.

I can't believe HOW INSTANTANEOUS it uploaded to Youtube. It was literally a snap of the fingers. It must be SingTel's 4G network?

It's all science really. Inside the heart of the Z10 beats the heart of a dragon. If you want to be a first mover, a trend setter of the future like with mobile payments at a tap of the smartphone, the BB Z10 has the answer.
Experience graphics that blur the line between life and lifelike, internet speeds that put the full web in your hand and unbeatable performance with the best battery life.


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