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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Skincare for Winter

Experiencing winter is not what we Singaporeans are used to. Rain is the closest we'll get & it's the only chance to take out the sweaters. Wellies, not ugg boots is what we'll wear. 

I don't normally experience harsh winter conditions even during my travels, so i was very ill-equipped when i visited UK early this year. It was towards the end of winter, and i thought my regular skincare would suffice.

I was SO wrong. My skin was SO dry, probably that's why i didn't have a holiday fling (anyone would be afraid of my skin flakes falling on them like snow).
At wit's end in UK, April with my dry skin.
I made a quick trip to the pharmacy and bought travel sized facial scrub and mask. Alas, they didn't help. I was so desperate that i contemplated shelling SGD 300 for a facial when i was in Switzerland. I decided to hold out to return to Porcelain Face Spa in Singapore.

My second winter trip in the year, i was a little more well-equipped. I learnt that a very rich moisturizer is essential in winter. What i use daily in Singapore is not sufficient because due to our climate here, we need skincare that is not oily.

I also felt that the scrub i was using while travelling was too harsh for winter. I thought i was sloughing away the dead skin, but in fact that dehydrates my face even more!
My skin was abit more hydrated in Finland, October this year.

After my return, i learned a new skincare tip! 

Porcelain's REVIVE contains beads to physically scrub away impurities with an advanced formula that makes use of natural enzymes to dissolve dead skin cells. While the motion stimulates microcirculation as i massage my skin, it gently lifts dissolved impurities and at the same time, pump nutrients deep into the skin. It is a non abrasive exfoliator, good for winter!

$98 for 50ml
I'm going to experience my third winter this year. This time, China where it's -8! Let's hope i'm three times wiser!


Marc Bryan said...

It’s really hard for our skin to adjust to a climate that we are not used to. On your next trip, do not forget to bring some sunscreen. Yes, you read that right - sunscreen is not only for the summer. The sun can still damage your skin with snow glare during winter. So, apply sunscreen on your face and hands before going outside, especially if you will stay out for long.

Shavonda Duarte said...

Oh, lovely photos! You really had an awesome winter trip, didn’t you? :) Well, the winter weather may can dry and damage your skin. Your normal skincare routine may not be enough to fight the cold air so you have to have with you products that will help your skin to stay healthy.

Terry Bayer said...

It is only during the winter season that I get conscious with my skin. Seriously! Hahaha! As a man, I don’t worry much about it, but it is really during the winter that it gets so dry and I really need to put all my attention into it. My wife provides me with a moisturizer so no matter how cold it is, my skin can stay hydrated all day.

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