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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

P.S I Love You, the leaked sex video.

Some weeks ago, i heard through the grapevine that Holly Jean has her sex tape leaked online by a revengeful ex. Without seeing the video, i felt sorry for her and was worried enough to call up a friend who's a lawyer. After consulting him, i passed on the advice of how she could file for an injunction to prevent the video from being leaked.
Alas, it was still leaked. When it leaked, i felt like a fool!
It's a very deftly executed tactic to tell the online community about Durex's P.S. I Love You - Safe Sex Tape Video Competition.

The compeition was initiated because of Durex Global Findings that Singaporean youths are less likely to use protection during their first time compared to global youths. Participants were required to film a three to five minute video, educating youths on the importance of safe sex, while incorporating the phrase “P.S. I Love You”.

I was invited by Durex to 开房 at Majestic Hotel.
A giant packaged condom awaits me.
It was a private viewing of the Top 10 Finalists and I participated in scoring them. The top 3 videos will win over $10,000 in cash and prizes. I had a duty.
If you don't already know, like with gadgets, skincare and health products, go with a reputable brand.

Durex is durable, doesn't break and come in various sizes and enhanced functions as in my previous post. If you're doing it, do it right.
Fits an elephant. No breakage.

No leakage.

Sorry Singapore, i know you need more citizens but I've got to play safe.
You can also have a chance to influence the decision for the winning video. Vote for your favourite on Durex's Facebook Page. My favourite is the documentary styled one. Hilarious!

I've been mulling about what love is lately (will have another post). While I haven't quite had an answer but i know enough that

If you love yourself, you'll insist on protection.
If you love your partner, you won't want to ruin his/her life.
If you love your child, you'll teach them safe sex.

Play Safe, I love You.


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