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Sunday, December 30, 2012

How to Keep Warm (for a Singaporean)

As Singaporeans, we don't experience the four seasons. We can get pretty ignorant when it comes to winter.  I've experienced living in winter, but that's Australia where it isn't as harsh as say, China which i recently experienced. 

Travelling and exchanging tips with friends, i am wiser in winter gear, especially doing it the CHEAPER WAY! 

1. Inner Wear
A decade ago, my parents would buy Long Johns from departmental stores like John Little and Robinsons starting from $80. They are usually gaudy, thick and in black or beige. It's as much as a turn-off as granny panties.

Today, we are spoilt for choices at UNIQLO with her wide range of skin tight Heat Tech. They are extremely affordable too, starting at $16.90 or so. Inner wear used to be with high collars, today they have scoop necks, v-necks, solid colours or with lace and designs.
Wear them at home before heading out.
2. Outer Wear
I'll put on a sweater made of wool or fleece, which again UNIQLO offers.
Followed by a jacket. If you can hold out, go to that country to find cheaper, better and nicer designs! No, i detest the puffy jackets despite how "warm" people say it is.
Bought this for SGD 50 in London
Bought this for SGD 30 in Taipei
2. Accessories
Only in a really cold winter, do i bring out the hats, scarfs and gloves. Gloves that has detachable finger pockets are the most practical.
These gloves were bought for SGD 8 in Taipei.
Someone told me about the heat packs. These little sachets that when opened will heat up. They last for about 8 hours and is really nice to hold or place around the body. I first found them in ColdWear store for $9.90 for a pack of 5. Here's a secret...get them from Daiso for $2 for 5!
They typically look like this.
Winter boots should be a size bigger because you'll need to wear your Heat Tech and thick woollen socks. We don't live in winter so we can be quite ignorant with the types of fur available. I was quite confused buying boots.

My sponsored Timberland leather boots while looking the most sexy and fashionable, it is unfortunately not weather-proof and it can start to hurt after walking the entire day.
SGD 400 for fashion
My boots from Australia were the nicest and the most comfortable, unfortunately they've all worn out. It really makes sense to get your winter gear overseas, where winter comes about. Except for UNIQLO, get your stash here.

I bought my final pair of boots equipped for snow from Beijing. It wasn't easy. So many sales girls were telling me how theirs is better than the next, and i can't quite tell the difference which keeps me warmer. I was really not discerning at all!

Finally i settled on this pair of mean looking ugg boots, turns out the sole really is non-slip on snow/ice so i didn't quite get cheated.
SGD 120
So long as you remember rule of thumb is to keep the hands, neck, ears and feet warm, you'll be ready to rock and roll. 

In the snow. 
Like a three layered pork.
Forbidden City

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