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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My Europe Snaps

When i travel alone, i visit old towns.
Gruyere, Vevey Switzerland.
When i travel alone, i pack my trainers, hit the gravel and jog.

When i travel alone, i set up the tripod and ignore stares.

When i travel alone, i take a bus just to arrive for touristy pictures.

When i travel alone, i like visiting supermarkets.
Midnight cow's milk sell at a higher price.
When i travel alone, i will spend 50 euros to take a ferry to Estonia. I saw falling snow!
Actually, it was rain that turned to snow as it came down because it was too cold.
Tallin, the old town has people dressed up according to the medieval theme.

When i travel alone, i eat the strangest things.


Anonymous said...

Just checking, how you pack your tripod along while walking around ?

Unknown said...

i have it sticking out of my bagpack :P

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