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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Learn Mandarin the Sexy Way

A friend (for some reason, i can't remember who) once commented that if Singapore had local porn production, it would be a money making one.

I don't know what made him see Singapore that way but the Japanese thought of it too (obviously).
AV film that had a scene in our MBS!
Singapore's Speak Mandarin campaign was so unsuccessful that ELB was offered to students where teachers and students resign to fate.

Will learning Mandarin be more successful if it's taught the sexy way by these ladies below?
"Shhh be quiet and sit down."
"Shhh no touching yourself."
I found out about because i received an email calling for an audition. This is started in Hong Kong and they are looking for Singaporeans to star in it! The pay is SGD 100 for 3 hours of filming, exclusive of make-up and preparation (how pitiful the hourly rate is).

Show some skin, be a Youtube star. 

Damn, the girls are hot. 

I hope if there're any Singaporean girls starring in them, they won't sia suay our little red dot. 
The requirements to being a teacher on Sexy Mandarin is that you must be 
- fluent in Mandarin and English
- female Chinese talent
- embody personality and is outspoken
- not camera shy
- talkative
- bubbly
- able to have basic ability to teach a language
- fame hungry
- cute and/or sexy
However, if you are not so keen to being captured on film, you may submit a creative and educational photo or SexyVOCAB. A photo competition that gives girls a chance to gain exposure on the website that reportedly has millions of views.

To enter the competition, submit a photo of yourself together with an object of pose that can be described in one word. For example, "pool".
Knowing how self shots are extremely popular, they may be taken that manner (in fact, that makes the photos look more personal and sexy). However, do make sure there's enough light so you do not look dull.

All submissions may appear on the website however there will only be 3 winners. They will win:

Top prize- a feature as a model on Fashion One + 90 minute massage at aFOND spa
2nd prize- 30 minute foot massage at aFOND spa + original SexyMandarin poker cards
3rd prize- a deck of original SexyMandarin poker cards

I'm quite bemused looking at the submissions. Some girls look Singaporean! WE ARE REPRESENTED. A deck of poker cards must make a good prize.

I asked my foreign male friends if they could learn Mandarin the sexy way and if they can even concentrate at all. Most didn't take my question seriously *roll eyes*

The ones who do told me they wouldn't take such a website seriously. What do you think? I thought it's a pretty creative and unconventional way. It's a service, double entendre intended. 


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