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Monday, January 2, 2012

The Right Choice


Last night, I met the people at Popcap at a function. I blurted out, “Bookworm!” That was my favourite game by Popcap. The gentleman and lady were pleasantly pleased to know I fall into the intellectual category of target consumers. Another popular game Popcap, a game developer is famous for is Plant Zombies.

Nonethless, as much as I like Super Mario in my childhood games, my favourite games to play are actually the ones that has a story. A story line with many mini challenges inside, it was better time spent training the mind than mindlessly shooting and collecting power-ups.

I remember in Polytechnic days, there was this game i loved playing during computer class time. We would sneakily log into one of those free online game sites (now, there's Facebook) and there was this game where you're a man and you live days going to the gym (boost strength) to attract girls. You then meet girls anyway from the streets to the malls and you can interact with her. You use points to buy her a gift or flowers but they don't often work the charm. My classmates and I will compete in seeing who can get a girl in the shortest days (game time) possible.

Now, i like playing Rack Stare on my iPhone.
At the arcade to kill time before a movie, without a doubt, i head for the Spot the Difference machine.
The Life Does Not Rewind campaign with an Anti-drug Online Gaming Challenge lets me play all my favourite genre of games AND have a shot at winning 1 32GB iPad 2 or 1 of the 16 pairs of iFly tickets!
from Xin.msn
In some countries, people are selling their organs or sleeping with men for iPads ok (please do not do that!). Here, you just need to play an online game only. And you can play unlimited times to submit the best score!
The Right Choice is created by 2 students from Singapore Polytechnic, a novel-based game, the player takes on the role of Jeremy who has to help his brother Xavier who is abusing drugs. Jeremy will encounter choices along the way and be tasked to find clues or talk to people to help his brother. The choices he makes will lead him to different tasks and ultimately different outcomes of the games. The player has to make good choices in the shortest time possible to score.
It does not have an ‘undo’ function, so you cannot go back to the previous step and can only advance. Just like there’s no rewinding in life, you will need to make wise choices in game and life! Do you have any regrets in life? I'd say there are some regrets with my life.

You will take on the role of Jeremy, who suspects that his brother Xavier is abusing drugs.

You will encounter scenarios where you have to make choices to progress in the game. Each choice will cause the story to progress differently, ultimately leading to different outcomes. A better choice will gain the player more points, while a worse choice will gain the player less points. The points accumulated will play a part in determining the outcome of the story.

You will have to complete tasks throughout the story. For example, you need to find scraps of paper in the Xavier’s room in the screenshot below. All tasks are timed and the result will be converted into points and play a part in determining the outcome of the story as well.

The player then has to piece the scraps together for clues that Xavier is abusing drugs.
You got a head start there! Tell me you can do faster than my score now that you've got a clue.

A memory game task where you have to ‘open’ the cards to match the names and photos of the drugs.

Clue: Know what do drugs look like first.

You will acquire drug knowledge when he/she ‘talk’ to other characters in the story in the course of helping Xavier. You can choose to ‘talk’ to Xavier’s parents, friends or call a helpline. By ‘talking’ to these people, the player gains points.

Another crossroad where you will face after ‘talking’ to the different characters.

A spot-the-difference game for you to spot drug items in Xavier’s room for clues that he is abusing drugs. The two images show how different Xavier’s room look before and after he started drug abuse.
Now, you've ANOTHER head start.

The story climaxes when the Jeremy confronts Xavier at a nightclub and tries convincing him to stop his habits.

The game ends after Xavier admits his mistake and resolves to change. All points will be converted into a time score which the player will see at the end of the game.

Sounds like my kinda game! You already have the heads up here how the game pans out, so I hope you can crack it in record time! Do it between 2 Jan- 29 Jan 2012 at and the iPad or iFly could be yours!!


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