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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Escape from Drugs Land

Last chance to play and win! The National Council Against Drug Abuse and Central Narcotics Bureau has been organising an Anti-drug Online Gaming Challenge on the ‘Life Does Not Rewind’ Facebook fanpage from 05 Dec 2011 to 26 Feb 2012.

There have been 2 games where iPads, iFly and Universal Studio passes have been given out.  If you don’t play this, you’re going to miss out. However, even if the gaming challenge is over, you can continue playing the games for another year on the “Life Does Not Rewind” Facebook page.
Looking like Monopoly except with mini games with each land, your score is based on the time you take to complete the board. You may encounter quiz questions,  and get 10 seconds added to your timing if your answer is wrong so check out the study corner at the game menu first!

Fun mini games are embedded within.
Word Search.

A mini game where the player has to move the boat through the river and avoid the floating items which symbolises drugs. The life bar will be decreased if the boat hits an item.

You can then submit your best score to stand a chance to win an iPad 2 (32gb) or a pair of Sentosa Adventure Park Combo package! There will be 1 winner and 16 winners respectively. To be honest, I wouldn’t pay to go on the MegaZip in Sentosa and the MaxClimb because it’s really expensive and for a very short while. Although got to admit I am an adrenaline junkie who needs extreme excitement to be pleased. BUT IF IT’S FREE, OF COURSE I’LL GO!
So you’ve to win this.

Quite impressed that this game, along with this and this is created by colleage students from ITE! Escape from Drugs Land is from ITE Central.

Speaking about “Life does not rewind”, I am sure all of you’ve been following the saga between famous bloggers recently. Many hurtful things have been said and written, many unfortunate misunderstandings have happened. Nothing can erase all that now, even if those blog posts have been deleted, I found out that if you use Google Reader, you can search out these blogs’ RSS feed and read the posts, even deleted!

However, if you ever use drugs, the damage you create for yourself will be permanent, the hurt you cause your parents will be permanent.

Life does not Rewind.

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