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Monday, September 19, 2011

Throw A Tupperware Party

Tupperware is a household brand that is almost like a religion passed from generation to generation. Our grandmothers know it, so do our mothers and now their daughters.

Whilst I am comfortably eating home cooked food and lovingly cared for by my mum, Tupperware was a brand I know but never cared to discover.

I cannot be blamed; after all, the infamous Tupperware Parties are usually thrown by married women for married women (a direct marketing deployed to demonstrate Tupperware products). However, after attending my first Tupperware Party as a single, the concept is set to revolutionalise. 

As social media goes viral and rampant in this modern era of young people, the Tupperware Party is the real social network. Interacting real-time and real-life. So much healthier for society instead of virtual stalking, yo!

Here’s how you re-create your own Tupperware Party (Typically you have to sign-up to be a TPW distributor and earn cash as you party. I’ll leave you to find out more here)

1)   Invite real friends and have intimate conversations, not this sort.

2)   A cosy home with an enviable kitchen

3)   Prepare a 3 course meal (try these recipes here)
Prepare them with your guests, get them participating in the gastronomic creations with TPW products. Be the host with the most, your guests can taste the love like how Chef Wan, Asia’s most flamboyant food ambassador threw his TPW party.

A TPW Party is all about celebrating the importance of taking time to enjoy the simple joy of a wonderfully prepared meal, coupled with good company and creating memorable moments that facilitate great conversation.
I never knew TPW had such great innovative products!  
My personal favourite were the collapsible Tupperware. Great to sneak into your handbag for buffets, and when filled to the brim, expand and stuff more in from the buffet!

They were smart, simple, good living solutions.

Why do Walruses go to Tupperware Parties?
To Find a Tight Seal.

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