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Friday, September 23, 2011

Month in Snapshots

Got invited by the good people at Earth friendly Timberland to get my first quality boots. Made of premium leather, this is the latest ladies' pair retailing at $499. I cannot wait to walk hours in them looking ultra fashionable! Cold counties please, fashion no-no in Singapore, unless it's a costume party.

Was at the launch of a friend's indescribable space. It was one of the more interesting chi-chi events, with a Hip Hop face-off and an awesome performance of the dancers hip hoping to the Super Mario tune by a live orchestra band. Both impromptu.

Speaking about indescribable space, I was kidnapped to a godforsaken space in Johor and we had BBQ at noon, ending with a camp fire impromptu.

While we're still about space, Singapore is getting too crowded and the rising costs of housing is unforgivable.
 Was at the Singapore's Facebook's office launch.
Pop one of these from the source and become a narcissist. Real men eat cupcakes, one of the best i've eaten. It has a gooey middle with crispy bits.
They even have a recyclable goodie bag that looks like a paper bag. Follow me @Chrispytine to check out the inside of Facebook office and goodie bag.
Geeky as I can get, here's my LEGO Pacman belt from Haji Lane, $36.
 Also, newly acquired cute paper weight.
Transported from the future.

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