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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Flat Tummy Secrets

The misconception is sit-ups/crunches give you a flat tummy. Everyone has dormant abs, it exists underneath all that fats. So if you are not doing cardio to reduce your fat, doing crunches might give you the appearance of a bigger tummy! The rationale is like this: you have a layer of fat on your tummy in stage 1. Doing crunches will build muscles BEHIND the fats, thus pushing out your tummy further. So stop doing the crunches unless you're coupling it with cardio.

Otherwise, here's the cheat sheet.

  • Suck In.
Like how you can discreetly do butt clenches in boring meetings, in the train and while waiting for something to happen. You can do this "exercise" anywhere and anytime.

Basically, you suck in and hold your breath for 10 counts. Do this repetatively for 10 times everyday. Your tummy will look/feel significantly flatter. As with all exercises, you need to do it diligently, regularly over a period of time to see results. Like this:

I started with this exercise, subsequently it became natural to hold in the tummy and STILL BE ABLE TO BREATHE! Slowly slowly, i stopped needing to do this exercise and my tummy remained flat! Good thing that happened, otherwise it'll really be the scenerio of the above advertisement.
  • Avoid Salt
Salt bloats you up. Especially if it's nearing your period.

  • Eat small but frequently 
I always get a tummy once i touch food. I figured to eat small portions but frequently to keep the hunger pangs away! But when i know i am in for a lavishing meal, i wear clothes that can accomodate food.
Instead of wearing a figure hugging dress or top, i wear a loose top coupled with a fitting bottom. So you still have your sex appeal and feminity by showing off shoulders or legs. Avoid a clevage bearing top though because when presented with good food, you will be bending over your food.
Otherwise invest in body shapers. It's the equivalent to granny panties (otherwise known as girdles), but it's the sexier version. Once, my bf thought my dress was very nice and felt me up. Then he asked, aren't you hot? It feels thick! Underneath i was actually wearing one of these body shapers. I didn't dare admit. I'm afraid he would think i'm a granny! Then i figured, even if I undress after that romantic dinner, i'll still look sexy with this high waisted stick-to-my-skin black skirt right??? But, it will be a problem when after you peel off the skirt, your tummy lets out like the TVC. Please do your exercises girls.

P.S the shaper cannot flatten your tummy drastically, but i wore it for additional "help" because i knew i was going to eat alot and i wanted to wear a figure hugging dress. I bought mine in Australia and it costs about $30. I see them here in the high-end departmental stores though. Like Takashimaya lingerie sections etc. Retails at $60 and above.
Never get obsessed with dieting. I eat chips, i eat chocolates too! I don't diet, but i exercise. Neither do you get obsessed with exercising. Too much of exercising ages you. You emit free radicals. Stay balanced. Treat your body right and be good to yourself.

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