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Friday, February 19, 2010

Chinese New Year festives started on Kay Poh Rd. Chinese are known to be busy bodies.
We strated off with green sauce on Mexican burritos. Cafe Iguana at Clarke Quay serves the best magarrittas! With free nachos as well.
It was a good crowd, absolutely fun talk over green sauce and alcoholic strawberries.
Old friends meet up, new friends get acquianted.
Then i had our family reunion dinner the next day and it's the most indulging one we've had. We've always had been frugal and made my mum slog over the stove. My darling took us all out for scallops, lobster and premium meats. We concluded though, that it's still cosier to eat at home. Away from the hustle and bustle of the over crowded restaurants.
Chinese New Year is a period for meet-ups among family and friends. I love this part, as being Chinese is all about kinship and relationshps. The cousins were discussing about our family tree. We're actually from some clan in *fill in the blanks* province of China. A Western surname usually gives a hint about their profession. I. E Wood = carpenter, Smith = gold. That's how their surnames come about! In the olden days, they gave themselves surnames according to their profession. My surname means Yellow in Mandarin. So either i'm meant to be a descendent of the royal family (huang di = king in mandarin) or i am just a yellow yellow dirty fellow.
Chinese New Year is my most favourite holiday. More than Christmas. Being single, i get paid to eat. You get to collect ang pows (red packets with cash) for as long as you stay unmarried. You see, its a blessing to be married, and so married people being a level higher than others, according to traditions have to give out cash to bless those poor sods who are single and unwanted. Not everyone is generous though. Some ONLY give to children below 15.
My dad loves writing notes on his ang pow to us. I used to collect but after collecting 5, i realised every year his message IS THE SAME! And so i threw them away, and kept the most recent year until the new one replaces it. It's akin to the new replacing the old, since it's the same anyway. This one is what he wrote to my bf.
Ang pows as wager. Dad challenges the newly minted Army boy.
Boys eager to be Men.
And realises, it's painful to be a man.
It's also one of the traditions to "play cards" during Chinese New Year. It's a great social activity, and one believes to be lucky during this period because red colour abounds in decorations. Quentin was probably wearing red underwear that day. He is also intensively admiring the girls on the cards. The boys couldn't quite concentrate on their cards with the scantily clad FHM girls gracing them.
Such a good long weekend, that we ended Chinese New Year by trying out Wave House for the first time!
I could balance nor stand for the first 2 times. But i did on the 3rd. The trick is to put most of your weight on your back leg and lean back! Even if you do fall, it's pretty fun too. Like on a water slide.

1 hour costs $30, 2 for $50 on a weekday. If the queue is full, you probably get to go 6-7 times in an hour. Do bring your photo ID, it's VERY IMPORTANT as we learnt it the hard way.
Royal Rumble.
Silver Surfer.

The other girls didn't want to go on the waves, stayed by the sides and was our cheer leaders. Oh yes, girls wear tops because when you fall, the water rush is strong enough to undo your bikini. I saw a couple of butt cracks and i THINK i had a nip slip. Clothes are allowed on the waves. I saw men with board shorts and tee, girls with tee and shorts.
The floating heads, lined up in ascending degree of tanned skin.
There were alot of foreign workers on Sentosa that day. Where else in Singapore to go right!
Kermit the frog getting ready to jump.

Men, no matter at what age will always be boys who play.

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