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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

One month Anniversary

Tommorrow,17 Aug 2006, officially marks my independance in Perth. Its short, but it seemed so long. So much has happened, and my budgeting is still in the red mark. Still in the red mark, because you realise you have to start from scratch. Everything..from toilet rolls to cooking oil to spices to indulgences.

I'm starting to love Perth, but i still prefer Singapore. Its routine here, Tuesdays are waffles night, Sundays are Freo market, super market shopping is our favourite 'hang-out' place, Harbourtown is another favourite. We can spend half an hour gazing outside a pet shop, Oriental food marts continue to amaze us with their variety. I can't wait for more things to friends want to take me to Mandurah, Margaret River etc. They have plans for my birthday! Hip hip hooray.

Mummy and Ivan are coming soon, i can't wait. Apparantly, the boyfriend has plans...hahaa..oh well, we'll see.

University is tough.

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