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Monday, August 7, 2006

Ng can cook

Disclaimer: Christine is NOT having too much fun because school really hasn't started yet.

The school has a chill out tavern where 'crazy nights' sometimes happen on thursday. The first one we went was labeled Pink. I should have dressed like Pink, and maybe win something. But all the caucasians are the sporting ones. These are the more funky and outrageous ones we got, us camera whores. The extreme right hand corner, can you guess what they are? You realise the good looking caucasians wont be dressing up, instead will just stand one corner and look cool. Whereas the not so good looking ones are crazier and well, more fun to be with. Caucasians, however, do not know how to behave when they drink abit too much. They get very rowdy. Good thing though, such parties that happen on school ground...everyone goes home at midnight. And thus i am Cinderella...

P.S They are supposed to be lamp shades. Creative, isnt' it?

Pet shop window shopping. Hamsters are illegal. Have i ever told you before that i wanted a dog so badly but my mummy wont let so i got a hamster leash to walk my hamster like a dog? Now, that's a long sentence said in one breath. Sophia intends to move out, she, me and Alastaire are itching to get a puppy. AUD $350.

The boyfriend whips up a very good kebab. Initially, i wasnt so keen on kebab coz i'm not a kebab person. And also coz i just had quite sucky microwaved prata so i thought it would be similar. But his kebab....gosh....fills me up in one go and had me craving for more. Enough said.

Friends i've made and spent alot of time with, and saved alot of memories. Besides my secondary school days, this period is going to be the best time of my life too. And so i must thank my dad for giving me such an opportunity. Sophia's mum is in one of those pictures. We bring her out alot on our outings too...hahaaa...see we youngsters love the elderly.

Another day out with Sophia's mum and we brought her to Fremantle for a feast! It really was a feast! Cod fish, seafood platter, sardines .... i miss fish though. You don't get it that easily here, you would think its abundant because of the harbour. But noooo, its not cheap either. So whenever i eat out, i will choose fish for my set. Coz i miss fish. We stepped into Fremantle fruit and vegetables market at 4.55pm (it closes at 5pm), it became like a stock market. Quite exciting, everyone is shouting and it becomes very 'atmospheric'. The sellers start selling very cheap and i bagged a whole lot of strawberries for only $4. But they grow mouldy very fast though, i realise. So now i know, eveyr Sunday is Fremantle day. I'd like to take mum there. I've already in mind a list of places to go when she's here. I haven't been to some of the places myself. Namely the Fremantle prison, Wildlife park. Shall wait for her to come then go, so she wont be bored.

At Fremantle, you see the signs "Please do not feed the seagulls. Or they will S.O.Y"

S.O.Y = Shit On You

Actually, its not that difficult to cook. Chop some garlic, throw in a bit of hua tiao jui, mix this mix that, stir fry and voila...a good dish. All you need is creativity.

I feel guilty, i have been having too much fun. Like tourist, i joke with my friends. But now its serious work, i've assignments piling up. University is tough work man.

I'm also guilty of spending too much at the supermarkets. Every 3 days or so, i'm there. Its like our faviourite place now and i feel like a housewive. We call each other and go "What's for dinner tonight?" And i end up buying alot of unnecessary stuff. I have a budget per month, but i'm overspending it. Rent takes away alot of it, so now i'm writing a grocery list and i'm going to control my spending. And my naggy friends who goes supermarket with me, they help to ask if chocolate biscuits are necessary, they remind me i have shit loads of toilet paper at home and the mortifs are not that cute, and the discounts will come back again.

and gosh, the ceiling light just went poof on me! No more light, how am i going to do work tonight?! and i was all geared. Tomorrow, got to get them to change my bulb and heater. Speaking of which, they oiled my creaking door. Rather efficient, they are. But they have my room key, that's how they did it, when i'm not home. Nothing was missing tho.

I think its not fated for me to talk to my mum. I miss her, i miss her voice. But twice, thrice i called..i couldn't get her. Then well, her mobile is not free incoming, so i didn't call that.


Shyanne said...

i love supermarket shopping!!!

Chrispy Tine said...

No. i tink u prefer Watson's shopping. hahaaa
woman, i was just thinking abt you!

Shyanne said...

woman, it's so hard on me. it's getting so much harder. i swear i could kill myself right now. i can't sleep cos my dreams haunt me, i can't eat because i feel fat, i can't do anything because i keep thinking about how angry i am.

oh wait, i forgot, it's YOUR blog. haha.

Anonymous said...

rYo: From what I've read in your blog, you are really enjoying yourself... Hmm.. your blog helps the poor working class here unwind a bit too... (^_^)

Anonymous said...

ur ph bill just came in, $75 excl our ph charges 4 accepting sms, calls f perth. looks like we shld blog more instead. what sr do u wan us to bring when we come. mni

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