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Monday, March 31, 2014

The Break-Up Songs

Music is a strange thing isn't it? Frank Ocean caught it in a perfect quote.

There are 2 male scents that is etched in my memory. The Valentino scent, because my high school crush sprayed it on every letter he wrote me. The Dolce Gabbana, because he never fails to replenish it.

However, there were songs which i assign to "men of the moment". I didn't do it consciously, but they were songs on the hit charts at the moment of break up and we (i & the music) connected. I guess if you're a neurotic, one could work out the periods/age i was dating :p

It was a long drawn break-up. It was my first relationship and we broke and we patched, then we broke again and we patched. Finally, we ended for good when this song hit the charts. I remember my last words to him was, "who knows, maybe we'll get back together again 10 years later." I must have watched too much dramas for such a dramatic last line.

This song was playing repeatedly in my head, and i wish it was him dedicating it to me (*cough* huge ego *cough*).

We were the best of friends, we were inseparable with so much in common but different life goals caused us to part. It's bittersweet to hear this song. 

This song, reminds me of he who was afraid of commitment. I didn't think too much of the song's lyrics when it hit the charts, until he explained to me his interpretation. He said that love is a toxic thing. It hurts so much but yet he can't have enough of wanting it.

The Chinese song that he would sing and we'd both end up in giggles. When we broke up, he explained to me how he was just not that into me. He who believed that in life, your true love will be the one whom you'll only realize after letting go.

I've been chasing the sunset, when it dawned on me. #sopunny

That Siri had the answer all along.


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