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Sunday, May 12, 2013

What’s in a Black Box?


This month’s Black Box is power packed with stuff. Look, it has two layers!
Beauty/ sample/ surprise boxes have been predominantly catered for the female but Black Box is the first FREE unisex lifestyle-sampling box in Singapore. The Black Box team only sends out tried and tested products to encourage responsible sampling.

Not just products, but there’re also vouchers for dining places, online shops etc. that comes in a translucent pouch that is a different design in every box, making it a collectible! I have two now :P
Dismantling my Black Box, some of the items I particularly liked are the Zappy Baby Wipes that is fragrance and chemical free. If not for Black Box, I would not have got to try out Bioflora Collabee, which is a pineapple flavored honey collagen drink to help maintain well hydrated and luminous skin. Meant to be a bedtime drink to rebuild skin, normalize immune system, improve bone and joint health, hydrate tissues and promote healthy hair and nails! Each bottle would have cost $7.80 and I got it free!

If not for Black Box, I would also not know that Nescafe has Hazelnut Latte. The aroma is fragrant and it actually foams!

Then there is Uncle Toby which is a healthier quick fix for the munchies! I sometimes use it as a meal replacement if I’m busy. 
Loreal’s Revitalift serum and cream is meant to reduce wrinkles and even skin tone. I’m so glad  there is Black Box because it allows me to try out these skin care before committing to full sized products! 
Belief is a new brand to me, so the samplers are really helpful! Can’t quite give a verdict yet because I haven’t used them for a week yet. I think 21 days would be enough to determine a product’s effectiveness? Afterall, a bad habit takes 21 days to break! BUT the Vanish stain remover, which is also one of the products in Black Box this month, shows results instanteously! It has to. It’s a stain remover!
Subscribe at and key in “christine” in the referrer code column and stand a chance to receive your own FREE Black Box with at least 4 deluxe samples in the next edition! You do not need to subscribe again if you have already done so.

Also, “like” Black Box on Facebook because they have giveaways and the latest promotions. 


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