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Monday, October 18, 2010

Prostitution:Do they Have a Choice?

I judge prostitutes. I stare at them out of curiousity, i look at them with disdain thinking they're dirty, and i think they're cheap (although they can earn more than me by the hour). Then i picked up this book..
and learnt that the booming sex trade in Asian exists BECAUSE of the asian men (with demand, there is supply) and not ang mohs, mind you. And that many of these girls are in the sex trade to get out of poverty. I am apalled with the law that punishes the victims of sex trafficking, rather than the pimps. Increasingly, social escorts are abundant in Singapore. University students and even office girls are getting paid some $900 per hour to $20,000 a month to be a companion. A girl with cup Cs recently message me on Facebook as well, asking if i wanted to "take over" her sugar daddy. She said she wouldn't have given up this "job" if not that she was leaving for an overseas education. Perhaps with $20,000 a month, she saved up enough to pursue her dreams.

I always thought my friend's girlfriend looked suspiciously like a hooker. He is an American expat, she is a Vietnamese tanned petite woman. She is sweet, friendly and is studying English here in Singapore. However, we often don't have much to chat with her. They've broke up for awhile already, although it was ambigious if she is hooker-like or not, it was revealed that she used men's money for an education. She came from a poor family in Vietnam, and i got to give her credit for using her body not for a LV bag (like some Singaporean social escorts do) but for a Diploma in Marketing.

Does earning for an education with prostitution make the job more acceptable then? I worked as a waitress, a chef assistant and receiptionist in an estate firm while i was studying in Australia. To support my annual $10,000 living expenses and $28,000 school fees. But i am more fortunate and blessed to have a father who can provide comfortably, although not luxuriously.

Here's a diary of a 16-year old girl forced into prostitution by her parents.
(From Netease) September 15, the police cracked down on a hidden brothel in Changzhou and arrested a couple named Mao who organized prostitution and three female prostitutes. Surprisingly, one of the prostitutes was only 16 years old, and this under-aged girl was actually the daughter of the couple, the other two were Mao’s nieces. The police seized three accounting books which recorded the number of times each girl had served guests in the past year, a total of over 400,000 yuan in profit. Also, a locked diary was found, which recorded how the daughter got into prostitution, her resentment of the parents and her love story with one of her client “Baby”.

When the police searched the foot massage shop, they found a hidden secret door. A double bed was behind the door with the bed sheets in a mess. The night stand was full of condoms and tissue paper. The police found three accounting books in a hidden drawer. One recorded the monthly incomes; one recorded the money paid to the girls; and the third book recorded each prostitute’s daily number of guests and income received.

In the police station, Mao couple faced the hard evidences and had to confess their criminal acts. The woman said, in their home town people don’t laugh at prostitution but at being poor, therefore they brought their 16-year-old daughter and two nieces (aged 20 and 22) out to make money. “Let them make more money when they are young, then return home to find a man to get married.” Sometimes guests would want a virgin; she would push her daughter to them and said that her daughter is a virgin. For this, she keeps a lookout for “virgin membrane repair” advertisements, and takes her daughter to get the operation done.

In the drawer full of cosmetics, condoms and toilet paper, the police also found a diary with a lock. This diary kept by Jiao recorded sporadic about her life as a prostitute and her resentment of her destiny. In addition, the diary revealed in details the love story between Jiao and a client nick named “Baby”. At the end of each entry, she always wrote, “I wish the business is booming, Go Go! (加油) ”. She said she wants to switch job soon and become “Baby’s” bride.

1.1.2010 (fake date that i make up, easier to read)
“Baby” got paid today; he used the money to come see me. “Baby” and I have met for almost three months now, he spent a quite a bit of money on me. True love is an angel in disguise, but a cursed fate is a joke by the evil. Is “Baby” and I true love or a cursed fate?

I am very tired today; those construction workers on the site all got their end of the year bonuses and rushed here. I serviced more than 20 guests, made 2000 yuan. One guest was drunk and gave me 1000 yuan, I was really happy. It was 1 am already after work. I really don’t know why I live like this, for money? Is it worth it?

You still vow solemnly and say it doesn’t matter, now we are fighting because of this, it’s really sad. Can the perfect girl in my dear’s heart go shopping with you every day, and go see movies? I am not that girl. You only think about yourself and do not think for me, I really wish you can understand me. Your support is my greatest strength! I am already changing for you now. I hope our love can take on any challenges!

No matter what, I believe him. I believe “Baby” loves me, he will be responsible. Today, he told me, we save money together and work hard for the future. This is a very good suggestion, I have to work hard.

I told him not to come anymore, there is no meaning spending money here, but he would not listen and comes here every two or three days. Looking at him giving his hard-earned money to my parents, I am so bitter. My parents have been suspicious of us, my dad suspects me giving “big back knocks” (full intercourse) and only charge him for “small back knocks” (hand jobs or blow jobs), he yelled at me harshly.

He heard that I have never had pizza before, “Baby” went to Pizza Hut after work and bought me a 9-inch pizza. I was so touched. Two of my big sisters told me to be careful, do not have real feelings for him. So just because we are doing this job, we can’t have feelings?

Sometimes, I often think, why my fate is like this. If it wasn’t, “Baby” can joke and laugh with me every day! Sigh, forget it, there are plenty of other troubling things. Work hard to make money now! Mom said I can go home after two more years. Go, Jiao! I believe my fate will not play a joke on me again, go forward for my dreams! Go Go!

Today was really scary, almost got caught. When I heard the secret sign by my parents, I pushed the guest out from the back door. Didn’t even get his money, forget it, it’s good that nothing happened. I read the newspaper and it said Beijing “Heaven on Earth” (Passion Club) was shut down. It is more strictly controlled recently even here. The neighbor stores are all closed, only we are still open.

12:20 am, suddenly I feel degrading. Clearly I have a boyfriend that loves me, cares for me and always lets me to have my ways. Why am I still like this? I feel really ashamed! The more he treats me well, the more guilt I feel…

Recently, business is not so good; I only have two customers a day, total 80 yuan. Parents are moaning and groaning, but I am very happy secretly. Today “Baby” came before my second client had left. Because of that old pervert, “Baby” was jealous and he went away in anger. He later text messaged me to pick a fight with me.

“Thinking of you during meals, thinking of you at work”, I will always keep this message in my cell phone. “Baby” sent me this message at noon. I believe him, wait till we save enough money I would switch job.

I want to be his bride.


Ms Demeanour said...

This is a subject I have been thinking a lot about recently. I actually went up to the Lorongs in Geylang the other weekend to see for myself and I can definitely say that it is the overwhelming demand by local men that is keeping this business booming. As an ang mo myself I also see a lot of ang mo men who look like they might have met their partner in this way. Anyway I'm not sure if you know but a film on sex workers in Geylang came out in Cannes in a few years ago called Pleasure Factory. I watched it yesterday and to me it sums up what this is all about.

Anonymous said...

I found pleasure factory perhaps too 'arty' for simple understanding though. There were still many question marks in my head at the end of the film. Reading the book Sex Slaves was better.

Ms Demeanour said...

Yup I know what you mean about Pleasure Factory. But although it's a little hazy I think the ambiguity purposely makes you question what's happening. At first it seemed like the guy is in love with the hooker, then wanted to protect her, then was he with a guy hooker? Same ambiguity with the other taller guy. For me it sums up the blurred lines of that world. I'll have to read the book and see how it compares!

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