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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Saving Skin.

I've had bad skin in the past. This was taken 7 years ago in New Zealand on my family holiday. We met this local family who took us clubbing. I remembering washing my hands in the toilet when a Maori kissed my hand in greeting, being totally disgusted (it was the SARS period anyway, and i was an ignorant kiasee Singaporean).

You could say it's puberty but i was so "depressed" with my skin that i thought it was no hope. After all, they say it's hereditary and my mum had bad skin. I was jealous why my elder brother has such good skin (no pimples at all) and my mum always say he's her first child so she took special care. By the way, i just heard if you want to conceive a boy, ask your man to eat a diet of vegetables. There's also a theory of positions that might help.

So anyway, i remember not being so confident because of my pimply skin. I don't paint myself with concealer either because i believe that makes the condition worse. My mum introduced me facials when i was 15. They costs $30 per session at Far East Plaza, pained like a bitch but didn't help. Until i signed my own facial package (with my first salary) at Bella. Soon, i had skin and armpits like Fann Wong. However, i also started caring for my diet and took healthy supplements called Sun Rider. This is 1 brand i swear by.

My parents were obsessed with this private health brand and i was against it because healthy food never tasted good right? Until my mum showed me experiments that revealed evidence how superior SunRider is to commercial brands. I was sold. SunRider foods treated my skin by making my body heal internally first, followed by the skin care that improved it and then the facials at Bella that maintained my skin. I swear by SunRider's make-up. Even my friends can't tell if i have make-up or not. That's how good it blends in. My male friend said he would buy it for his girlfriend, problem is his girlfriend is very much the studious type and don't dress up at all.

All its products are 100% chemical and preservative free, plant and herb based. Which is why, it takes years before you start seeing effects. It took me 4 years for my skin to be what it is right now. Which is also a problem with its limited make-up range and colours that i found hard to covert since i like a variety of colours. After all,there's only that many plant colours you can experiment with. I am satisfied with the basics anyway, i don't paint my skin much.

The above picture and the one below, i used SunRider's make-up. I drew my eyebrows, used concealer, mascara and a little bit of blusher. I always forget the lipstick. Not a habit :P
It looks like i hardly have any make-up on isn't it?I also take alot of fruits and vegetables and try to eliminate junk food. But i still can't resist them every now and then ( i have them twice a week?). Chocolates are my weakest link. The skin is the largest organ of your body. I always felt someone with good skin but not necessary good features will somehow still fall in the good-looking category. I still get little pimples occassionally, and i don't think my skin is blemish free. But we're all our own critics, aren't we?
Just for comparision's sake, this was taken on 23 August 2009 with NO make-up at all. And Zero digital imaging.
As my male colleague just commented, "nowadays girls all ICI one..must be careful with judgement whether she is pretty or not." I was puzzled and asked what is ICI.........


Anonymous said...

Heys, can I know if I can get sunrider anywhere? email at

Unknown said...

I am curious as to where you get SunRider--is it available for shipping overseas as well?
Email me @

Xtine said...

Hi melanie, you can check their website, there is online shopping now!

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