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Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Cage of Death

2 years ago, i swam with the sharks. It was a really liberating activity, to come this close to this menacing creature. So comes to an end of thrill seeking quest. I mean i've bungee jumped, fed the tigers, sky dived, white water rafted...i thought i've done it all....or so i thought until...

my dad sent me this email.The latest tourist attraction in Darwin, Australia. My parents have never quite supported my dangerous activities, but they do know i love such. Besides, they usually only get to know after i've done it. Like feeding the tigers and diving with the sharks. Which i did while holidaying on my own.
I love being single and able with the world and its activities at my disposal. I am very blessed with good fortune like a complete family, a job, an education, health and reasonably wealth.

I've emailed Crocosarus Cove for their price list.
Can't you tell i'm serious?
I'm so excited. I hope the boyfriend's up for it.
Otherwise, i'll still do it. Yes, i'm crazy.

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