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Thursday, October 16, 2008

剑不能有悔, 蝶不能无双

I never knew Marina Mandarin had real birds giving a live performance within the hotel! It's such a fantastic idea. When i first stepped in, i thought it was a CD playing out those sorta peaceful music (waterfalls, birds chirping). But my colleague pointed out to me the cages.

They only had 2 but these little birdies' vocals were strong enough to fill the entire hotel! I bet they cost a bomb. And also i think the design of the hotel enhanced the acoustics of the birds.

I wanna have such birds in my living room next time too.Never a fan of 吴尊but on Wednesday, i took 71 photos of him.Maybe i had a spasm in my finger, maybe my camera was on fast shutter mode, or maybe he is simply too handsome to NOT snap away.

Before meeting him, i had a preconception of him being haughty, vain and a man of few words. After meeting him, i was reminded again the greatest flaw of humans is judging someone before knowing her/him.He's very chatty, friendly and polite. And look at those veins!! H-O-T. International celebrities' managers are usually very fierce man. Sometimes it's not the celebrity who put on airs, but because their managers front them, you will think they put on airs.

His skin is baby smooth, every thread immaculate, not a strand of hair out of place. If he was a dish, i would say he's a fine dish.He's very chatty, friendly and polite. Better yet, he can speak fluent English!

Additional tidbits: he was gutted that tao suan and Hokkien prawn mee wasn't included in the feast his entourage ta pao-ed from the hawkers.Also, he once had a gf who they got attached few months before he was scheduled to leave for his studies in Australia. After he left for Australia, he missed her so much that he returned after a month and shelved his studies for a year.I was thinking," buuuut in the end still break up, isn't it."Hahaha...soooo mean. But i guess at least he has no regrets, and there'll be no "what ifs".

So disappointed, the picture was not very well-taken. Had to adjust the colours etc abit to make us look better. Doesn't do him justice either. Thankfully (or not), my colleague took another picture. But i think we look the same. Although his movie poster behind is clearer and he looks handsome there. Haha. He has very feminine features. And i guess some people will find him handsome, some not. But most girls do, which is why i took a picture with him. To make them jealous. Hahahaha...

I am...woman, after all. 情女装 leh! Yaar...i called him last night to plan it.

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