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Monday, September 22, 2008

Dad's 21st.

Obviously, the oldies simply will not do a 'fun' pose.

My dad was so surprised at his best friend from the army days arriving that he went abit ku-ku. He stood up with a NAPKIN tucked in his pants, shook my friend's hand and said Happy Birthday to her!!


I initially planned for a yatch. but due to certain circumstances, it did not happen.

Nonetheless we had a great time with interesting fantastic nutritious food and surprise guests!

We ain't superstitious, so i got dad a watch with interchangeable straps. Metal for normal wear, leather for smart wear. Don't know, i find leather smarter. But i'm into men with nice watches. Having a nice watch on a wrist speaks of class and manhood.

I think it's one birthday that my dad received the most presents in. Dinner, a watch and a PDA cum phone cum camera from his friend! I'm so happy to see him so happy that night. Good men deserves good things and good love.

Oh, oh so my dad was showing off the functions of the watch to his best friend, and his best friend was showing off his phone (which his daughter got him for his birthday the week before) functions to my dad. Me and my friend, we rolled our eyes. Hah.

The menus were like kung-fu style, all inspired by herbs.

Look at the fast hand actions! This was dessert. They were pieces of yam and sweet potato coated with malt candy. What you had to do was to quickly dip them into bowls of ice cold water. The result, crispy delicious fried pieces of yam and sweet potato. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. How interesting is that!

Ivan is like damn manja lah...but ok, he's rather handsome. I'm officially broke. Dinner for 10 at Clarke Quay+ a watch. But still, i couldn't resist buying Levis for my brothers. It was quite a steal! 1 bottom ($159) + 2 tops (59.90 x2) = $199. So i bought 2 sets! The bottoms belong to me, the shirts for the boys. Impulse buy actually. After buying, i calculated and i only saved about $80 for that 6 pieces of clothing. Aargh!!

But you know how Levis bottoms always hugs your figure so perfectly? I was weak..damn those mirrors!

Our church is undergoing renovation soon! Fragments of our childhood memories are fading bit by bit.

This tree trunk used to hold our tree house that we played "family" in.

P.S they now give away crutches when you buy a drip.

P.P.S I'm in Doha now, on my way to Israel. Be back next week!

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