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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Been a long Bonjour

I never did write about France, did i? The trip was taken 2 years ago...looking through the pictures i guess nothing extremely exciting happened, thus that was why i never did write about it. Besides, 2 years winter fashion sense sucked.

Besides, it was so darn cold, and my ass was being freezed off that wasn't quite in the mood to take any pictures. Except my brother, who's a bigger cam whore than me. Hahaha..

But you know as i read through my old's really nice reminiscing. So maybe i should...

I've been really blessed to be able to take family holidays annually (but Dad is saying that is soon to stop. Cannot support anymore, with us all adult fares)

I've always wanted to be a air stewardess for this reason. But Dad said why clean people's vomit when you can hold a 9-5 job and still travel? Makes sense...but awww, you know i'm a person who do what she says. So i said it, and i wanna do it. Clock's ticking...

We spent much of the trip with extended family....and in Germany, the town's pretty dead. And i was bored out of my wits, so i scraped around pieces of paper to make them all a birdie farewell card.

See! Bored.

Very very distant family..sorta, ok, not really.
We visited the chateaus, the museums, the cathedrals, the castles, the Pradas and LVs, certainly an artistic part of the world.

We've seen snow before, but still have yet to experience falling snow.

Paris's Disneyland is a no go. Mainly kiddie rides, and it's small. Stick to the America's theme parks instead.

When my dad saw this pic, he ordered "DELETE!". Hey, you brought us there! Ha ha ha...this is not the only picture taken. But i shall give him respect and not put the rest. Ha ha ha.

We popped SO MANY eclairs there, it costs a bomb. And while i was popping this eclair, Ivan was peeing into a bottle at the back. It was a 3 hour drive to Paris!! Besides, 2 years has passed already...i don't think Ivan is embarrassed anymore. Haha.

I hoped he washed his hands. French not what we think it is. I like French food in Singapore, but when i get the real deal over's cold,weird and tasteless. Except the escargots and crepes. Look at this desert found in the DisneyLand restaurant. Appetising?

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