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Something Inspiring
Call me an Spg
Cheap date ideas in Singapore
Sex, sighs and video tape: how to spot a liar
How to be a Great blogger
Lessons from a Russian Strip Club
Eating Blind at Dans Le Noir
Epitome of a woman
Unique things to do in Singapore
Standing in the red light district, Amsterdam
Breaking up in the Social Media age

Health & Beauty                                                      
Flat tummy secrets
Saving Skin
Swimwear for your body type
Flat chest? Make something out of nothing
Women's secrets in faking revealed
The Art of Posing
The Breast Job
Secret Weapons of a Beauty Queen

Tokyo, Japan- That's used underwear for sale.


5 things to know about Venice,Italy
Sights in Salzburg, Austria
Jerusalam, Jordan, Israel- The Holy Land
Things to do in Cornwall, UK
Barcelona, Spain
Best kept secrets of Florence
Budapest in 48 hours
6 Things to do in Dubai
Tour of the Future in Barcelona
Harry Potter Studio Tour in London
Caving Expedition in Britain
A local's guide to Barcelona
My Bond weekend in Chamonix, and Zermatt
Gladiator school in Rome
Off the Beaten Track in London
48 Hours in Brussels
Running with the Bulls, Pamplona
7 Great Things to do in Milan
Aurora and Santa Hunting in Lapland
When in Athens, Greece

Guide to Climbing Mt Kinabalu
Unique things to do in Taipei
Taiwan Street Food
Experiencing Taiwan & hot springs
Club Med: Phuket
Mui Ne, Vietnam - A perfect Getaway
Ho Chi Minh- Overwhelming traffic
Kolkatta,India - The land of Karma Sutra
Bali- Sunset Chasers & here
Visit to Hong Kong's Michelin Restaurants

Nostalagia Yasin, Bintan
Hakodate, Hokkaido
Sapporo, Hokkaido
Tokyo- the seedy side part 1 & 2
Ho Chi Minh in 48 hours

Phuket, Mai Khao
Vietnam, Nha Trang
Surfing in Cherating, Malaysia
Crazy House, Da Lat vietnam
Tioman, Malaysia - Salang Sayang
Pulau Dayang, Malaysia- My Virgin Dive

New Zealand- South Island
Melboure, Sydney - Shark Dive!
The Wine & Dine guide in Gold Coast
More than theme parks in Gold Coast
Breaking News (not really) 
Molester, flasher, bad train manners
The history of sex dolls
Hoaxes around Singapore
Would you rather mate with a Mermaid or Centaur?
If women were to take revenge on men
Men think single mindedly
Animal sexual behaviour- Monkey goes blind thinking a cobra is its own ding-a-dong
Learn Japanese, the naughty way
Weird restaurants around the world
Adult toys for men
Donald Duck guilty of molest?
True Story within Changi Prison
Ridiculous Love Stories
Sentosa Haunted Stories
Is TV evil?
The Gruesome Originals of Fairy Tales
Local Celeb Gossip
The Shady side of Fashion
Inside a Duck Den
Sex Volunteering
A bug's Sex life
Personal News
Swallowing Sperm
Memoirs of a Geisha
Symmetrical Beauty
I once had 30 hamsters & they're dirty minded
Poses not to do
Hand-made cards
My Extreme Adventures
Treetop Adventure in Bedok
Childhood toys in Arab Street
Escaping Death (personal encounters)
My dream wedding
My bed wetting dreams & Wet dream about Jet Li
My private show with the Magician
Photo to Remember me By
Laws of Attraction- How to get and keep a man
Singapore Celebrity Gossip
My First Kiss
My crush on a MRT stranger
I was an ugly duckling
My first children's book.
Apple of my Eye: movie and reality
What Type of a Singaporean i am

Laugh Monday Blues Away
Same pose, different context
Tantaliazing Japanese Game Shows
Opposite Attracts
Flies Attracted
How do you moan?
Careful about dirty dancing
About the Lost Cat
The optimum visual for 鲜花插在牛粪上
Writing my first children's book!
Deadly Farts
Sample Reviews/ Advertorials
Movie: Aftershock
DBS Prepaid Card: YOG tidbits
OCBC Yes Omy Blog Challenge: Stretch your dollar with my Auntie Ways
Movie: Sex Doll Comes Alive
Book: The Game by Neil Strauss
Movie: House Maid (Korean)
Beauty: Glow Couture
Sinner Takes All: Greatest love story told by a Porn Star
A lazy blogger's sidekick: Canon Powershot SX 230 HS
Steve Jobs changed the dating world: iPhone apps review
Movie: Do women want a babarian?
How to Drink Vodka like a Russian: Buyan @ Duxton

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