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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Men's Fun

For as long as history goes, women have the luxury of variety. Be it clothes, shoes, bags. We have alot more to choose from compared with men. We can wear skirts,dresses, jeans, shorts, rompers, jumpers whilst the men decide between whether to wear a shirt or a tee.

There IS one department that gives men endless options though. Welcome to the world of Adult Toys. In descending order of price. So if you're a pauper, you can scroll all the way to the bottom, don't hanker after something you can't afford. Ignorance is bliss :P

Price: $6500 USD
Human-like Sex Doll
I actually find her hot. Seriously. I've done a post on the humandroids briefly before as well as Hitler inventing them, so go read there. If you're curious as to how fake vagina feels, i suggest you go into one of those shops (there's one in Bugis Village, one in Far East plaza and a few along the streets of Le Meriden Hotel towards Plaza Singapura), and stick your finger into the sample. Most of the shops now cover it up due to too many fingers sticking in and not buying, i guess. I was a guilty culprit. It feels soft, rubbery, and rather slimey. Nothing like the real thing, but nothing short of the real thing. How ambigious! LOL.

The expensives ones are made of silicone, like breast implants, and the budget ones....cotton!
Like Grandma's panties.
Just imagine you're doing charity by servicing a post war amputee. You'll feel alot better and stop feeling sorry for yourself that you can't afford the better doll. At least she fits the school teacher fetish.
And if you want a more complete girl spreading her legs without toes, you can too.
I don't know what is that string hanging out from her V for.

Price: XX
Hands Free Suction
I can't quite remember how much this costs, but i'm guessing it'll be at second level because after all it is a machine. What it does is, you stick your ding in, dong out, press some buttons and it sucks vibrates rotates away. Pretty nifty, just hope it won't emerge all blue and black.

Price: 215 USD
Feel like you're in it.
While women are enjoying the modern designs and styles on their everyday clothing, men are enjoying the modern technologies in gadgets for everyday use. This gadget is highly interactive. While watching the porn flick, you get to experience the feeling as if you're the actor in it! Let's just hope this device can be used on a variety of titles. Otherwise it might get abit boring replaying the same title over and over again, no?
Might as well then just get a wife.

Price: 50USD ( my guess)
Tenga Cup
Cleverly disguised, you don't have to be embarrassed if someone catches you with it. You can explain it away as one of those toys whereby you throw hard on the floor, and it bounces right back regaining it's shape.
Here's the instructional video.
Price: 45 USD (my guess.I'm really quite good at pricing. LOL. I estimate based on the cheapest fake V in Singapore costs about $60-80)
Cupe Nude.
For the people who F***ing love instant noodles, they can now also love f***ing noodles.
The peel off lid really throws down the gauntlet. The label, in first-person prose, extols the virtues of this "Onna Hole" and challenges the user to last more than 3 minutes when using it (which, by an amazing coincidence, is about the same time it takes to prepare a hot, steaming...oh, forget it). Also, don't put it in the microwave or "use it too much" you wild beast!
The satisfying sensations come from noodle-like tentacles inside the cup.
It certainly doesn't look appetizing!
Don't forget the "flavor packet", full of soothing gel.

Price: 21 SGD
Re-usable Cup
Again cleverly disguised looking like a some body lotion, this is a re-usable cup for self gratification. Tauted as reusable, my friend jumped on it, thinking it's a good buy! Environmentally friendly too, no more tissues! Alas, his review was it's painful (feels pretty sharp in there- OUCH) and it's hard to wash out. Thus, it becomes an expensive habit, twenty bucks per use.

Price: 18 USD
Buy from Amazon.
Well, this is more expensive from the previous one, but in the long term it's cheaper. Do-It-Yourself, literally in both sense.

While googling all these, i came across this super funny fetish prop. The Hooded Spandex Full Body Binder Sack! Quite a mouthful. Made of breathable material, you zip your partner all the way up and erm...i don't know what else you'd do with that, seeing there's absolutely NO OPENING or any sort.
And while we're at the weird stuff, must everything be sexually suggestive? Even a kid's toy??
Or is it just our minds that contaminates everything??

10 more days, i'll be standing right outside the 7 storey adult store in Akibahara, Tokyo. Watch this space ;p


Goldfish Uncle said...

Wahpiang!! Noodle-like tentacles in the cup... feels very good wan meh?!? hhmm time to go grocery shopping..

rosadoj91 said...

Wow if u watch how much do u like noodles on youtube at the end the guy bangs his noodles....didnt really think it was really made

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