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Monday, September 8, 2008

I was a Millionaire for the weekend.

In rupiah that is. And i haven't done this "victory" sign in photos for a very long time. It's so old-school.

Upon our arrival, we went straight to Jimbayan or is it ran beach for a seafood feast. I was expecting chilli crab, seafood, know the fare we always have in Singapore.

I was greatly disappointed.

Tiny crabs that i gave up picking at, grilled prawns which were nice, battered squid where were also nice, tiny clams which were the best and fish which were dry. Even their kangkong was not cooked the way i liked it..with sambal. But i finished every last piece still, i love my food too much. Besides, always count your blessings that you have food to eat. And, haven't you heard? If you leave food (actually, rice) around your plate without finishing, your future partner will have pimply skin.

After that, we checked in. I'm very pleased with my room. A huge king sized bed, with soft sheets and 4 pillows, all to myself. A walk-in closet, and balcony too! If only i can have a bachelorette pad like this.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall. There're mirrors everywhere. That's the welcome drink we had...lemongrass ginger something. Absolutely refreshing...

I always check out the bathroom immediately upon arrival. Its huge as well, L-shaped. A glass shower, a bath tub, a glass peeing area and your sink. Lotsa plush towels to use. I always stay with my family on vacation, and we always have to 'save' the towels. 5 of us, 3 towels..4 max.

This time round, i can use 1 for my body, 1 for my hair, 1 for my shoulder and 1 for my feet. Muahahaa....being alone is bliss.

Soaked in the tub with my drink for a bit. Am not Fiona Xie, so have to stylise the picture a little, otherwise too RA for a normal human. Hahaha....

Now i know why Ivan is biiiig on soaking in the bath tub whenever we check into our hotels. Besides the fact, that he likes to 数毛毛 too.

We woke up next morning for some physical activity. It was a good workout, i hope we get the pictures that were took. I was in interesting positions and i think i'm pretty good at it being the fittest. Heh
You're probably going to be seeing alot of individual pictures. Pardon me for that, i'm not narcissist (ok, maybe just a little). It's just that usually we hang out in a pair, or trio in our free time and sometimes not everyone wanna be in the picture, and we can't find another person to take a group shot yadda yadda.

Hey, it's my memories okay...

And we had breakfast right in this outdoor area. Ahhh..such luxury. Like i said, thankfully...there's this other girl who eats as much as me, if not more (the one below on the left). So both of us are breakfast buddies. I'll call her up, we'll meet and do our rounds at the breakfast buffet. She'll always remind me to start with the fruits first. I'm like "Stop torturing me! I wanna go straight to the mains!"

And i ventured off alone while waiting for my turn...and found this vintage spot.

I think i'm the only girl who found this place and have these pictures...because the rest will just die under the sun and heat.

Lunch was by the poolside. Intercontinental have 6 pools. They all link to one another actually.

Lunch was gooood....first we had smoked duck salad. The salad leaves were bitter ( i'm not sure what's it called) but i still finished it all. Read first para :0

The main was sweet.

And dessert was heaven.

Then ok, i showed one other girl my secret place.

My sunglasses didn't match, but it's really too glaring. I ought to wear sunglasses more often as it protects my eyes and prevent wrinkles..but i never liked wearing them because i perspire very easily.

Every single object in the resort is a cam whore opportunity. Haha...i bet everyone else on ground (those ang moh tanners and hotel staff) are staring at us. We're the only ones not in a swim suit in Bali. Rather, in the most opposite way possible. Decked out in heels and earrings.

See what i mean?
The flowers in the ears of the dragon were actually fresh. The hotel staff replace such decorations every morning without fail. What dedication.

Trying to look like a professional dancer or something. My mum keeps asking me to do ballroom or Salsa or Tango. But i need a cute partner. And the cute ones are not into dancing. Otherwise i need a good one, but the good ones already have existing partners. Ha. Anyway, i did Salsa once and i don't think i look sassy at it. Quite like a klutz.
We caught the sunset.

At the sunset bar. It was 1-for-1. So it's like SGD6 a drink? Funny concoction though. Coconut liquer, banna liquer?? But i couldn't taste all that.

So girlie.
I'm their bundle of energy. I love them both, they're actually willing to play with me. Most of the time, if not always. Hahaha. If without them..Bali would be so boring.
And this is probably the last picture with other humans than me. So if you're already reeking of me and on the verge of can not proceed.
Our last dinner was another outdoor one by the beach, but fine dining this time round.

They have very funny toilet signs. I nearly went into the wrong toilet at the hotel once. Ladies was a fan spread out, and men were this fan pointing down. I wasn't paying attention, so nearly went into the male until a hotel staff stopped me.

Finally, we could do without make-up on the last day. We got to the pool at 730am to squeeze in a little bit of sun tanning/ swimming (for me) before departure.

730 was too early for anyone on holiday so we had the entire grounds to ourselves.

I'm waiting for something good to fall from the sky.

I like this picture and i like this pose. And i don't care if my rolls of fat can be seen.

Tested my new underwater digital camera. Diving this weekend!

I was meant to be a starfish.

The sky wasn't downcast, we were just way too early. Haha. The pool actually overlooked the sea. Though we're early, we weren't early enough to catch the sun rise. How ironic.

Are those abs? Actually, i don't know. Kuta is their city area. And boy, is there alot to shop. I didn't buy much though, because i was so beat to bargain. Besides, nothing really absolutely caught my eye and my wardrobe and cupboards are already bursting with clothes, shoes,accessories and bags. Plus, i only changed SGD 100 which is 600,000 Rupiah and that is not reeeeally enough to do a major spree.

Hagen Daz was only SGD 2 though. But the heat was so great there that it melted faster than i could lick.

It was some religious period i think, or they do it everyday. But they like to put their offerings/ incense burnings in the middle of the road, in the middle of everything. We always have to be careful where we step. Don't want to offend anyone.

This is their SNAKE fruit. The skin texture and look is totally like a snake. I didn't like the taste though. Very Siap Siap, if you can understand. Hah.
This is the last picture that i took. We were so tired from walking under the hot sun, i was hot sweaty and sticky by this time. It might sound hot and sexy, but really unglam when i took out my wet tissue and start wiping my armpits. Hahahhaa! Buay tahan lah! For once, i found somewhere else's weather that is more unbearable than Singapore's. Then again, Singapore is 80% air-con. So maybe that's why...

And so that marks Bali.


Anonymous said...

Siap siap? I do not understand this.

Xtine said...

hahaha, it's a kind of feeling i don't even know how to describe!

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