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Thursday, January 13, 2011

The MRT Diary

2 September 2010

I forgot to bring my iPod today and I missed the lady who hands out the free morning paper by 2 minutes. With nothing to occupy my mind with, my eyes started roaming and came to rest on a man 2 bodies away. I first noticed his document bag, thinking how rare it is to find a men’s bag that isn’t a) too bulky, b) too gay.

He was reaching for something inside, I took a quick glance upwards, and saw the tell tale signs of a Japanese- obvious single eye lids. I looked back down and learnt that my guess was right as he finally found his papers from within and Japanese characters were written all over. I’m not sure why, but my eyes then trailed down further to his shoes.

They say you can judge a man by his shoes.

How well it’s polished (taking pride in his image and a direct relation to how he takes care of belongings, i.e. you), how he puts it on (hopping on one feet while watching television, i.e. inattentive or using a shoe horn will show how dedicated he will be in foreplay) and how big his shoe size equates to the length between his legs.

I wasn’t thinking about his length (seriously! Not until 5 minutes later), but I was marveling how different (from the common boring black dress shoe) his light brown soft leather shoes looked. It had such nice texture, a slight pointed toe cap and I see a hint of cowboy frills instead of the usual shoe lace. THEN I thought about his length, and wondered if every Japanese man is like in the porn movies (well, he isn’t very tall, and most Japanese men aren’t either, so could it be?).

Feeling ashamed of myself, I looked up to see his face. He sported the unshaven look, his hair was thick, grey and standing up. I’d say he’s probably in his mid thirties. He wore a dark blue tie with simple patterns, and his thousand thread Egyptian thread count beige shirt was buttoned up. Even his shirt looked different. The flaps on a man’s collar usually sticks out, he had small buttons near his collar bone, where he can then neatly button up, making the flaps curve in.

Assessing the entire package, this man might not be the most handsome nor tallest nor engaging (I don’t know this), but I felt like I wanted to know him. I scanned for a wedding ring,

Before I found my answer, it’s time to alight.


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