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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Escaping Death.

Ever wondered when you're meant to die and when you're not? The below news video is in Mandarin, but it's pretty much self explainatory with these narrow death escapes. You watch with bated breath, i'm not sure if striking 4D is comparable to this.

Do you fear death and have you ever wondered what happens after death? As morbid as i am and the thrill seeker that i am, i am very blessed to be protected, away from the hands of death. That being said, i urge you to not take uncalculated dangers. I.E touching switches with wet hands.

I have had near death experiences. All of them had to do with water. I fear water, my swimming instructor says i swim like a chicken. At least if he had called me a water monkey, it would have been less insulting because sea monkeys actually exist.
Singapore used to sell them, but i'm not sure where to find them now. Touted as instant pets, there's a sachet where you tear open and dump into a tank of water. The eggs then hatch and become brine shrimps that live for 2 years.
They don't exhibit cannibalism, so they just keep populating.
So anyway, back to my narrow escapes.

When i was 3, i was waddling in the baby's pool. Suddenly i lost my footing and i sat onto the pool floor. For a few seconds, i was underwater and did not know how to stand up (my baby legs must have been too fat).

My dad saved me.

Since then, i guess i must have been badly traumatised. So much so that my mum has to chase me around the house to catch me, strap me down and tie me to the water pipe. She then put on googles for me and start washing my hair. Before you start calling the child welfare services, it was because of her, that's why i have no fleas or kutu kutus.

Then i was 12 and swimming in my friend's pool. She lent me her humugous 2 litre super soaker which i carried and swam. Obviously, i had no biceps to carry a heavy water gun and swim across the deep pool. So i started sinking. Common sense told me to let go off the gun so i had both arms to swim upwards. But stupid   responsible me did not want to lose my friend's toy. I was determined to return it to her, so i allowed myself to sink down into the depths of the pool, all the while hugging the gun tightly in my arms.

My mum saved me.

When i was 16 or so, my brother slept above me on a double decker bed. One fine night, after we've just gone to bed, my church friend suddenly called my house telephone. So i got up to answer it and wham bam! The bed above mine collapse and fell onto mine. My brother was shocked but said it was fun. Like a roller coaster he said. If it wasn't that fateful phone call, i'd be squashed like a pancake.

Later on when i was 18, i rode an AVT in New Zealand. I don't remember why my mind wandered but according to my brothers, i suddenly veered off track, accelerated and flew off the cliff! In the nick of time, i braked (mind stopped wandering), and i panicked not knowing what to do.

My tour guide saved me.
When i went bungee jumping, i kept thinking of the freak accident videos i always see and at that moment in time, i thought of how brave the suicidal people are.

When i was hospitalised without reason, the doctors warned my parents that i could have an undetected terminal illness. They cried, yet my heart was peaceful and calm. I knew i had lived, i know i have a Protector, i know i have an all-knowing Father, i know i need not fear. Do you know your purpose in life? What are you on Earth for?
I know i am, blessed to be a blessing.


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sea monkeys look yummy! unbreakable chrispy too!

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