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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Taking Revenge.

Gary Ng have made headlines in the local news (i'm abit slow catching up on this), for being Singapore's "Edison Chen". A sex-video blogger, Gary has been posting up videos of his sexcapades with bankers, students and even Tiger beer aunties ladies . He blurs their faces though, so he won't infringe the law. But i think you will still be in trouble with the law, won't you?

Gary is a ghost name and it stands for Girls Always Remember You. Very creative, i have to give him credit for that. Now, what follows i think is an inventive marketing ploy. That is, if he even had this strategy from the very beginning. After all this media hype about Gary (you can see his interview clips at, Gary now shuts down blogger and moves onto his own website and subscribers pay an annual fee of $50 to continue viewing his sexcapade videos and read this : get tips on love making!

From the interview clips, although his face is blurred, you can tell he ain't no sauve hunk. However, according to Gary, his viewers (mostly males) are actually writing in to him requesting for tips/advice on how to last long, how to make the girl xxx because he seemed very expert at it in the videos! Then, the female viewers write in to him, offering to be the female lead just because they saw what he is "capable" of!

His new website also allows subscribers to interact with one another, be it casual sex, exchange videos or simple FIND LOVE! By the minute, i am getting more and more amused. He claims that already one couple have met and got engaged from meeting on his website.

I don't know what his website is, but i admit i AM curious. Neither have i seen the videos (because i knew too late?).

What interests me was...the human behaviour behind all of these scandles.

1) Am i really that naive to believe that women with boyfriends/ husbands don't cheat?
Mix-mix has constantly told me women cheat as much as men. Some other guy friends said the same because they've experienced it. Now, Gary is making these videos to show women are JUST as promiscous as men. IN FACT, sometimes he entices attached women on purpose. Just to PROVE HIS POINT!

2) Women are sluts
For a long while, i refused to believe that those faces as innocent as angel's are actually capable of casual sex! My friend told me of his friend, a female who can have xxx with 5 different men in ONE night at Zouk Out. For a long while, i did not want to acknowledge that Singapore is tainted with casual sex everywhere.

3) Intent
Now, Gary started this journey because he was jilted by 3 previous gfs. One of them slept with an ex boyfriend, and that ex boyfriend sent Gary their steamy video. Then another girl whom he knew online, met up for closed door action. He promised her $200, she asked for $400. He gave after realising he was the one who took his virginity. Later on, she became suicidal and he comforted her knowing it was related to their sexual heist. They then sorta had something going on, but then Gary was betrayed when he found out she was sleeping with other men. The irony bit was, at that time of seeing her, Gary was ALSO sleeping with other girls he met online. What double standards. So it's revenge. Gary's intent on this journey was to take revenge on women. To prove that they are sluts.

Gary wasn't the only one who used sex as revenge on women. Coincidentally, i am reading Criminal Intent, this book writen by a journalist on true stories right from Changi Prison. The sexual crime stories was exceptionally juicy. Nothing graphic, but juicy in how the inmates detail how and why they did it. All of them, had one thing in common....they detest women. Its either they got spurned or jilted by women/lovers, and therefore they end up with crimes like rape, molest or even indecent exposure.

Bad breakups lead to sexual crimes. There was an inmate who got jilted by a gay partner, which was the catalyst in him raping young boys in canals.

Which leads me to think..if men use SEX as revenge against women because women are sexually vulnerable. What do women do when they detest men? WHAT IS VULNERABLE TO MEN?

From reading extensive newspaper reports, i deduce...

DICKS & their MONEY.

Either cut their dics (criminal offense), or use up their money (crime debatable).

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