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Friday, April 23, 2010

The History of Sex Dolls

8 AD. --- The First Sex Doll Story Told.
There was a myth involving a woman sculpted from ivory by Pygmalion. Her name was Galatea and he became so obsessed with her, bathing her feeding her and of course sleeping with her, eventually Goddess Aphrodite (presumably sick of being disgusted) made her into a real woman. Thus, the porno version of Pinocchio was born. 

11th to 12th Century --- Touching of Naked Statues Encouraged.
Naked women made of marble, called “Sheela-na-gigs,” were carved into the sides of English and Irish churches to ward off evil spirits. The carvings had exaggerated vulva and a legend at the time said caressing these sexy busts gave you the power to heal others. Perhaps, sexual healing?  

1941 ---- Hitler, the father of sex dolls
The Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler ordered, in 1941, a Danish doctor named Olen Hannussen, to develop the world's first inflatable sex doll, the Italian newspaper "Corriere della Sera' reported.
The doll was went meant to serve the sexual needs of the German fighting man, who might otherwise go to brothels and contract a sexual
transmitted disease – or worse, have sex with non-Aryan women and thus pollute the race. 

Hitler himself provided the measurements and design or the doll: "She should be a natural size with a pretty woman's appearance with white skin, blonde hair, blue eyes, 1.76 meters (5 feet, nine inches) high, with large lips and breasts."
Now ---- Humandroids
A German company called First Androids created a sex doll, that is very close to a real lady. So close in fact that they have a pulse, can perform oral sex acts and a g-spot that responds to orgasm!Possibly for low self-esteemed men who have never made a real woman come.
 The Japanese don't lose out with their Asian versions.
Is your jaw hanging wide open like mine? Sorry, i have to mosaic the bits as I am erm, quite conservative. Hahahahahaha.

Trust me, she has HUMAN LIKE nipples.

1995- It gets wilder (i'm biting my tongue in judging men ;p)
It's sold in Singapore and i saw it. If i remember it correctly, it isn't sold any less than $90.

Anatomically correct inflatable sheep called the Love Ewe. I hope men buy it as a gag gift.

What about the women? Theirs ain't as fancy as the men. I suppose as stereotype has it, women are not as visual as men so there's no need for aesthetic beauty of these dolls for women?
But if you'll like a human-like one, you can! Provided he doesn't freak you out when you wake up gazing into his gaping expression.
There is a community where they "swap partners".

Advantages of using a sex doll:
1) it won't talk back
2) it won't cheat (unless you "swap it", another man will fall in love with "her")
3) it is easy to clean
4) no diseases/ no pregnancy

Disadvantages of using a sex doll:
1) it is a "dead fish"
2) it is not warm (heat will melt the plastic)
3) it stinks (knowing how lazy men are, they're likely not to clean the doll immediately after, thus leading the gunk to crust up)
4) no expressions

I'll check these out in my upcoming trip to Japan & report in this space.

Orient Industry
The first and largest showroom for Orient is located a stone’s throw away from Akihabara (left). Reservations are required for a 30-minute visit, but inside are dozens of models and lines, including some 15 variant faces. The atmosphere is decidedly disquieting, but under the gaze of hundreds of dolls one can test the weight, durability and flexibility of Orient products before buying.
Suguru Building, 2F, 5-23-11 Ueno, Taito-ku. Tel: 03-3832-4832. Open daily 11am-6pm. Nearest stn: Okachimachi.

Volks Akihabara Showroom
This shop on the sixth floor of the Radio Kaikan is the crowning jewel of the Volks doll empire—more a museum than a store. Walk the aisles and see completed Dollfies, consult experts and thumb through albums of photos taken by customers. The showroom also offers the latest information on dolls parties.
Radio Kaikan, 6F, 1-15-16 Soto-kanda, Chiyoda-ku. Tel: 03-5295-8160. Open daily 11am-6pm. Nearest stn: Akihabara.

St. Grace’s Court
This unique costume diner is a “sister café” where nuns alternate between serving tea and engaging in mock Catholic ritual. The staff and customers are all hardcore fan types, and the owner allows them to organize exchange parties (koryukai) and take pictures of their dolls. There is even a “doll set” (¥700) of miniature tea and sweets on the menu for users to order for use in posing their dolls or offering them refreshments.
Chiyoda K1 Building, 1-B1F, 2-19-33 Kanda Sudacho, Chiyoda-ku. Tel: 03-5298-5947. Open Mon-Thu noon-11pm, Fri-Sun noon-5am. Nearest stn: Akihabara.

Café Saya
A hotbed of doll user activity located outside Shinjuku, Saya is an antiquated café boasting an impressive lineup of doll events, including private exhibitions and sales, do-it-yourself workshops, and doll exchange parties. Like many such places, the space is typically only open when rented out for events, and these can be reservation-only or private affairs. Saya does, however, run a doll café most Saturdays.
3-37-1 Kamiya, Kita-ku. Tel: 03-3903-5462. Open noon-6pm (different if there is an event). Nearest stn: Higashi-Jujo. 

 Sex Doll commits suicide when lover brings back the latest and newest android that can pleasure him in more ways.


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