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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Six Things to do in Dubai

The irony is, my most memorable experience in Dubai, a DESERT, is to ski.
Now, Dubai is widely acclaimed and infamous for screwing with people's eyes and minds by having architecture like these....
It reminds me of Singapore. We do have the Esplanade which looks like a durian or a housefly's eye. Dubai is a country that is filled more with expats than locals, and Singapore's getting there.

But otherwise, what i did in Dubai:

1. Rode a Camel and kicked up a Sandstorm
The traditional dance performed by a man.
If a weekend activity for Singaporeans is the cinema, then setting up a ten, transporting butlers, cooks in a jeep into the middle of the desert for a BBQ is the norm in The Middle East. However, if you are a tourist, you can experience a bit of that desert safari via land tours. Do a bit of research as this is my second time experiencing it and i find the second operator more luxurious than my first experience. The difference is in the food quality and they have waiters in vests. Performances like belly dancing & activities like ride a camel are the same but Hanna and sand boarding (i surfed like a pro) was something new.
Dining under the stars.
Very touristy. They did this for a golden photo moment.
Camel didn't look amused.
2. Travelling in Dubai
Many have misconceptions of Dubai, simply because it is part of the middle east. It is relatively safe, there is a subway like our MRT and you don't really have to cover up (in summer, it gets REALLY hot and balmy in the evening so tank tops, shorts and slippers is the way to go). However, the first few nights of my stay was still pretty chilly (end of winter).
Taxis in the background.

Taxis are aplenty in Dubai but they aren't exactly cheap. There is ALOT of distance to cover in Dubai and you're better off (and richer) getting around with the MRT. However, there is ALSO alot of distance within the MRT. You spend about 10 minutes just walking to the platform. It was pretty amusing. It felt like a workout every time i take the MRT to get somewhere.
You don't get stared at much despite having more males than females anywhere.

Take an abra across the creek to the heritage village. It's only $1 and its the local's mode of transport.
3. Diving in Oman
I crossed the borders into Musadam and did two dives. Underwater was abit different from tropical waters. I saw neon bright purple and yellow corals which i've never seen before. It was a nice day trip out of the concrete jungle.
4. Watch the Musical Fountain
which beats the Las Vegas fountain (apparently). It's the most beautiful thing i've seen.
It is highly recommended to make dinner reservations at Karam Beirut (+971 4 339 9789) to watch the fountain and eat. 
The traditional Middle Eastern meal was A FEAST!
It was about SGD 50 per pax, so we made our value worth by sitting and watching 5 fountain shows. We never got tired of it! We had to pee desperately after though.

There was also a tomato so huge we ate it like a burger. We passed the communal tomato around.
For an aerial view of the Dubai fountain, you can also dine at the Karma Kafe (+971 4 423 0909) at the Souk Al Bahar across of Dubai Mall. 
It has old Chinese babies plastered on the bar counter.
Strange choice, but otherwise very nice oriental looking lounge.
Scaling the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa.
 Upon seeing our pose, some Arabs started doing the same pose too. Hahaha!
5. Visit the Malls
Dubai is all about impressions......within shopping malls. Especially the famous Guinness record aquarium in a mall.
Doesn't look so spectacular here, but it is.
They have breath taking water features, also in a mall.
A very tall man-made waterfall.
As well as the largest snow a mall (you guessed it right!)
Check out his (real) name! 
Getting a hot choco!
I don't know why, i look like i'm about to strip.
It was my first time skiing, and it was pretty darn exhilarating. The snow was slippery, the slopes were steep. I fell and almost made a snow ball of myself countless times. I crashed so much into my friend, i was really afraid i'll crush his nuts. A steady hand, encouraging words made me learn within an hour!
There're even ski lifts! Duh. It's the LARGEST ski park in a mall.
Yes, back to reality. It's A DESERT OUTSIDE.
Yes, we window shop. Everything was expensive, made of gold.
Vinegar for SGD1534 0_0
Aged 100 years, better than wine.
One drop is all that you'll need in your salad, we were told.
 Even their facial masks have CERTIFICATES because it has real gold.

Gold is as common as salt and pepper.

Something more affordable to buy as souvenirs are camel's milk chocolate. It doesn't taste as milky as cow's milk and is apparently healthier.
A small block is SGD 10

Or take a walk in the perfume souk (station Banjyas Square) and get the latest Iphone 5 perfume. It smells like DKNY's Delicious which is coincidentally or not, shaped like an apple.
SGD 10 after bargaining.
BlackBerry's fans are not neglected.
If you need to spray on some pheromones.
6. Eat like a local
Take a walk around Bastakiya and you'll come across quaint finds where you can eat local grub.
I love hummus, bitchez.

Try the very local dish, the Waraq Enab, which is vine leaves stuffed with rice, tomatoes, parsley, onions and lemon juice. You eat it whole. Another thing to order is also the Mutabbal, grilled eggplant puree.
I caved in to some Western grub, only because i was told it's THE BEST burgers.
Shaking it up with Shake Shack
I'm not too impressed.

It was pretty amusing to see the burger army behind the counter though. It was 11.30pm but there was a team of 30 people working. Our orders took 5 minutes, there was hardly a crowd.
Dubai at my feet.

Go on, souk in the atmosphere.


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