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Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Private Show with the Magician

Last Wednesday, Asia's answer to David Blaine came in the form of Taiwan's

刘谦 Liu Qian. Like a crazy fan, i snuck into his hotel room at Mandarin Oriental and he performed me a magic trick! Privately, for my eyes only. 




If you had a magician for a boyfriend, will you let him off easily when he a) arrives late b) forgets important dates c) cheats? My EX was someone who could manipulate me like that. Not with magic, but just by acting silly or say something funny. By making me laugh, i forget about whatever i was angry with him initially. That worked for awhile, but slowly the act cute mannerism was just not enough to solve brewing problems in the relationship.

I thought magicians worship the Devil. Especially if they can perform 不可思议magic, they seem so unbelievable that you'd think they must have some sort of evil help! No devil worshipping, we still could perform magic! Although perhaps that fact that we have an angelic face and a devilish body helps with the illusion and distraction method better.

Silver is the wisest! She spend less than a few cents (could even go to $0 (if you take from MacDonald's)) for her trick. She posted her trick on her blog the night before and i happened to see it. I don't know why i'm smiling to myself as i was watching it (perhaps i like pretty things), it all became quite freaky. It got abit boring after awhile as i watch her twist and turn her straws (it was reeeeally long), and i thought she was going to fold them into a star! Yup, that's a trick. She's turning STRAWS INTO STARS.
She has got such good camera presence, i really love her dimples!
Qiu Ting is my personal favourite. Not with her trick, but her highly entertaining personality. Her nervousness is simply comical. It's another show on its own.

Frankly, if you weren't there, you might find these videos 无聊。Still you'd find yourself watching because they're on AUTO PLAY! Hahahaha. I don't know how to not make it that way.

Magic is addictive. A week prior to meeting Liu Qian, i panicked. How am i going to impress such a guy??

I can be quite a 好胜person. When en-tasked with something, i want to do it properly. Although it did come across my mind that i will just twist and turn a long balloon into a poodle as my magic trick (like how Silver can twist and turn a straw into a star). If i can't impress, at least i hope to make him smile and find me stupid cute.

My Quick Tricks. com has got some nifty tricks (using things in daily life) you can learn. I was too lazy to do online tutorials, so i made a visit to The Magic Hall down at Hotel Le Meriden, Orchard Road.

I walked in, explained my situation and told Solomon to sell me a trick that is fast to learn, easy to execute and cute enough to impress. He was very kind and enthusiastic in demonstrating a variety of magic tricks, all of which i shrug off until he showed me The Rabbit Trick. The other one that i really liked was the Magic Colouring Book. Alas, you can't be taught the magic unless you buy the trick. Learning magic is really addictive, you can pay $45 and Solomon will teach you ANY trick you fancy. Does that include turning a cup of coffee into coins like David Blaine did? That'll recuperate my loss of $45! Otherwise you can pay for the trick, and be taught the magic for free.

If you take a second look at my magic trick, it's POORLY executed. To the on-site audience, i looked impressive. Caught on video (espeically on wide angle), my magic is exposed. What an embarrassment! Magic is made possible with illusion, technique, acting and a whole lot of personality!
Liu Qian isn't born handsome, unlike Wu Zhun, a fellow Taiwanese, whom i met years ago. But because of his magic, he attracts with his 帅气. Women have beauty enhancements to make them pretty if they're not born with it. Men use character skills to make them handsome if they're not born handsome.

I'm glad to have shared this afternoon with the other two girls. I think if we were to live in the olden days and share the same King, we can live in harmony.

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Goldfish Uncle said...

if u snuck into my room, limpek will perform magic trick for u also. *winkwinkwinkwinkwink

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