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Friday, March 12, 2010

Swallowing sperm.

Remember this tuna EYEball that i talked about last year? Well, what i was holding was raw and it might not look all that huge here, but it actually is! I remember it being half the size of my head. Yes, i'm not exaggerating. Only men do, because of their ego. Haha.

Just for comparison, here's the normal fish head curry people NORMALLY have.

There's no documented health benefits in eating the eyeball, but Chinese love to suck on it. My mum in the family who loves it, so there's no fight for it. She claims it makes you brighter. Not like a light bulb.

"In the Chinese tradition, only the favorite son can eat fish eyeballs since it has only two small eyeballs compared to the whole fish. It was a saying that if a son was kidnapped, then a cooked fish will set as a tester to see where this son’s chopstick’s landed so one can tell how valuable this son is in the family and determine the ransom."

I suppose you will be flinging the chopsticks up in the air to see where it land???!

So, anyway here's how big a tuna is

That guy reminds me of Popeye. Tunas can get EVEN bigger then that. So on Sunday, we had......
Grilled JUNIOR eyeball! Still massive compared to your everyday dinner fish whose eyeball is as big as your pinkie. Junior Tuna here, its eyeball is 1.5 times of a tennis ball.

Initially i told my friend, don't count on me finishing it. I don't like eyeballs. I've NEVER evern sucked on one of those tiny things. I find it gross. My friend proudly said, "I'm Cantonese! I'll suck on it if you don't want." I went " looks HUGE! I don't think you can fit it in your mouth."

So, it isn't as bad as it looks. There's a rush of fatty fish flavor accompanied by a gelatinous, spongy texture. There's quite abit of fish meat (or so i think) too! But i guess that's because of its size, doubt any meat would be found in the pinkie sized eyeballs.

The next exotic food came from this
Cod fish.

Cod fish SPERM SAC. Raw.

It looks like brains and you're probably feeling nauseous just looking at it.
As we "clink" our chopsticks before downing our "drink", he looked at me in the eye and said "Eeew..your sperm sac touched mine!"

After a moment of silence, savouring what we had in our mouths....we deduced that....sperm actually tasted good!

Ok, we're probably this bunch of ignorant kids playing with our food. Once you slide the sac in, as you bite it, it BURSTS filling your mouth with the sperm. Then you get this super creamy toufu-ish taste. The strong after-taste lingers...fishy (but of course, it's from a fish!) I'm not quite sure how to describe it to you, you got to try it to know it! It.Is.Not.Cheap though.

After we got the weird food out of the way, we settled in for some really good food. Thankfully, he took charge of ordering. I only know the low-end sushi. All the mayo tuna sushi or mayo fake crab meat sushi. I'm contented with those actually.

We had sea urchin handroll, saba sushi, scallop sushi ...and the terriyaki beef was sooooooo good!
I think i wiped out 70% of it. Done medium rare, it was juicy and had a crumbled lighty fried crust!

The hilarious thing about this whole dinning experience was i first told my friend " Akashi at Paragon serves WHALE SPERM!!"

Game as he always is, he called Paragon to make a reservation.

WH: Is whale sperm in season right now?
Akashi: whale WHAT?
WH: Sperm.
Akashi:, we don't have that (at the same time thinking my friend is some pervert)

Being the trusting friend he is and determined to eat sperm because i suggested it, he googled "whale sperm" + "restaurants in Singapore" = 3 results!!

So he diligently called every one of them. Only to get the same response. "Sperm what?" "Pervert."

He told me at the end of this week long query, he's quite comfortable with asking for sperm now.
We almost gave up, we almost settled for Tapas that night instead. Just hours before our scheduled meeting time, i found out its sperm SAC! And from a cod fish, not a whale.We contemplated at first, thinking fish sperm is not as exotic as whale. After all, won't it be like caviar? But i decided to push forward, otherwise how often will a straight male put sperm in his mouth?

I'm not sure if whale sperm even exists though. Won't it be impossible to harvest?
I gues that's how you do it. That dude has a zip lock bag in his right hand.

P.S India is actually not as bad as i thought it would be. Going home tmw! Will update on this adventure.

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