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Thursday, July 31, 2008

True Ghost Stories

You know i write somewhere else too. I was assigned to write for our station on our website and i'm loving it! Its one area i get free reign, one area no one edits or watches over me (but of course, initially i got rapped for the suggestive innuendos).

I'm quite proud of that segment, really actually. Because i get to write creatively what i think about our station, our work place and our shows. Increasingly, i'm getting more encouraged about it because quite a number of colleagues out of my department are reading and loving it.

However, what's written over there is different from what's over here. It's work over there after all, and i try not to cross the two. You never know who reads what, what secrets are dug. Its scary, Google and the cyberspace.

But just because i just shared the office ghost stories over there, i thought of transporting more of the horror over here. Plus the personal ghost stories too as well of course.

Hungry Ghost Festival starts tomorrow, by the way.

I'm always amused and spooked by the thought that at those 'concerts' staged at this time, the front rows are always left for the ghosts to sit. Humans sit third row onwards.

This is our lift landing, i'm on the 4th floor (the highest) and there's no other building or trees around.
But look what's this. A pair of handprints. Numerous of them, imprinted all over the glass.

I'm sure there's nothing to be alarmed about. I deduced it to it being monkeys. But then again, there're NO trees or buildings anywhere close to this. And its dome shaped too.

So how did the monkeys get up?

But there's this story that spooked me out for awhile. A colleague said she once saw an old man squatting in front of her when she pee-ed. This was in the afternoon. Misconception that they only appear at night! Haha...
And this corridor that i took in office always reminded me of those in the hospitals. Then of course, you get the usual stories that typing and children giggling can be heard at night when no one is around but a human stayed back to work.

If you ask me if i believe in ghosts....i do. And i do, because i've experience. But my faith have kept me from being afraid of them.

Except when, friends are around and their fear catches on. I don't see them now, but i did when i was in my secondary school days.

I see them in school mostly. And at home too. That was the period when my elder brother was really rebellious and into punk rock, heavy metal.

And i know its not my halluncination because certain experiences, my friends saw it too.

They're mostly dark figures to me, faceless.

The one vivid experience was when we camped in school.

5 of us stayed up late (in the classroom), just chatting and gossiping. Suddenly i saw the laundry line moving up and down (there's no wind), i thought my eyes was playing tricks, but when my friend saw me staring at the laundry line, she told me "i saw it moving, did u?"

Our hair stood...the atmosphere was thick. We wanted to get out, but the door did not budge (the lock was supposedly spoilt), and as my friend and i struggled to pull/ push the door, we heard a knock from the outside. We screamed, and ran back to our covers. As we ran across the room, i accidentally kicked my friend who was sleeping (5 of us awake, 10 others already asleep). NO ONE, and i mean NO ONE stirred. We then got worried for one sleeping girl because her feet was facing the door (there's a Chinese superstition about that)

We decided to call our friends next door (who were awake and studying) to come open the door, but we never heard their phone ring. They were just next door!

So we shouted, and alas the guys above us (boys and girls were seperated into 2 floors to sleep) heard us and came down. The girls next door eventually did, and said they were nonchalant about anything. Their phone didn't ring, they didn't hear our commotion.

After the guys checked that we're alright, they asked if to leave the door open (scared we get shut in again) or to close it (scared that something might come in). We seriously didn't know which option would be better.

The 5 of us held hands to sleep that night. I couldn't sleep at all. Because i keep hearing someone in heels pacing back and forth in the corridor.

That was the one time, i feared i would never survive the night.

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