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Saturday, October 18, 2014

A Shoe can Change your Life

If Cinderella taught us anything, it would be that.

When i was younger, i liked to take the window seat on the aeroplane. As i grow older, i prefer the aisle seat for convenience of visits to the loo and stretching my legs. Similar with shoes, in recent years, i prefer to go for quality over quantity. If any of those Buzzfeed articles is true, it is that as i grow older, i am less concerned about style over comfort.

Ok, i lied. Style still matters. I'm not going to let myself go and turn into a frumpy woman overnight!
But i'll be more discerning and even if a pair of heels is drop-dead gorgeous, i will put it back on the shelf with all my will power as i know i wouldn't wear it more than once.

Walking into Arch Angel located at 16 Purvis Street was an informative experience. Finding the right fit took about an hour, about the same amount of time the Prince searched for Cinderella.

I've never thought about foot health. However, lately my toe nail have dropped twice and i noticed the arch of my feet hurting after a long day of walking even in my most comfortable shoes!

At Arch Angel, i found out why. Arch Angel have an in-house podiatry every month and i had the honour of having Owen, a professional shoe fitter (pedorthic) who helped to prescribe the right footwear to give a better walking experience.

With a rather lengthy lecture explaining his profession, Owen gave me a diagnosis on my current foot health by observing how i walk, measuring my feet and using sensors to weigh my pressure.
A foot scan to figure body pressure on feet.
It turns out that my left is shorter than my right foot. This explains the reason why my left toe nail turns black or falls off, my shoe is too small! I don't have a very high arch either, thus my feet overcompensate by putting more pressure on the outer side. I also have mild calluses at the ball of my feet because of unequal distribution of body pressure.

Foot changes may not happen to everyone definitely, but they can occur with prolonged use of ill-fitting shoes and these changes peak in above 40 years of age. No wonder an ex pointed out that a part of my feet is growing larger, like his grandma. I had no idea what he was talking about, until Arch Angel handed me a horrifying brochure on BUNION.

The below is NOT MY FEET, but an internet picture to demonstrate.

The bunion, a bump that seems to vie for the big toe's position, occurs when ill-fitting shoes rub against this spot as you walk.

Owen absolutely understands a lady's need for variety, colour, trend but as he aptly labels these ill-fitting shoes as Church, Wedding, Funeral shoes, they are not to be worn for more than 2 hours.

Arch Angel's staff were exceptionally patient in finding the right fit for me as i try over a dozen shoes, finding the right fit and style that pleases me. 

The final prescription for me was to get the newest arrival Isabella with zebra print fitted with Xsensible Inside, that is stretch leather that gives it maximum elasticity. This way, it can be a perfect pair according to my right foot bigger, left foot smaller condition.
When i shared that this will be my default travel shoe (with lots of walking), Owen replaced the detachable insole with a Spenco RX full-length arch cushion to give me maximum support and comfort.

With the right shoe, Owen did a simple exercise to test my balance by exerting strength on my palms.
Without Arch Angel's shoes, I was lifted off my bare feet (heel or front lifted) when pressure was exerted on my palms. With Arch Angel, my feet was firmly planted down.

No longer it's a situation where comfort and style can't be best buddies. Arch Angel have a good variety of options. They not only have their in-house brand but also carry brands from Israel and Europe. Almost all shoes are made of leather.
Heels, sandles, sneakers and shoes.
Both male and female styles available. 
I was also introduced to the smallest gym in the world!
Modeled after the Japanese traditional footwear, the clog, this Arch Angel version works out your back and calf muscles as you walk.
Fit for the lazy people who wouldn't go to the gym! I believe this pair called the Earth Woman will give you a nice ass too.

If you want to have your feet checked, Arch Angel organizes monthly Podiatry Day and the first Pedorthic Day to answer footwear questions is on 31 October at their store. Monthly podiatry dates can be found on their Facebook.

Even if you haven't got a foot fetish, i urge you to love yourself.

Monday, October 13, 2014

My Epic Journey to Shaolin (VIDEO)

"Go somewhere you've never been before."

Details on getting there here.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Journey to Shaolin

The love for putting Ip Man, Wong Fei Hong and almost every kind of martial art flick on repeat summoned me to the mysterious island of Shaolin. I'm a martial arts zealot, but i'm not very good at it. Kungfu films were my primary inspiration for learning Judo and Takewando (a far cry, i know).
Backpacking to Shaolin.
Getting There
It took quite abit of research to determine an authentic school at the right place. Almost every school had "Shaolin" on their website, even if their school wasn't located in Shaolin zone. Shaolin, being popular, is used as a marketing keyword. I had to countercheck where the original Shaolin temple is on Maps but even so, i wasn't too sure. Even tour sites that offer packages to the Shaolin temple didn't mention the location of Shaolin. 

The location was very mysterious, but i later confirmed it to be in the Henan province. 
The first statue i saw got me very excited.
I took a chance with Song Shan Kungfu Academy with a non-refundable registration fee of USD 100. It could be a scam as anything fake imaginable can be found in Motherland (like buying fake "legit" medical certificates during the World Cup from but i was willing to take a bet. 
Go Somewhere You've Never Been before
I boarded the 8 hours overnight train (SGD 200, first class, 2 way) from Shanghai to Zheng Zhou with trepedition. Our sleeping cabin for 4 is overcrowded with 6 but we survived with no collasping beds. 

Upon arrival, a school rep greeted us at the station and its another 90 min drive to Defeng, the town where every restaurant has "Kungfu" in its name. 

The Realm of Order

The Shaolin zone is a gated community. Tourists pay an entrance fee to enter the area where they can pay additional fees to visit 

A) Shaolin Temple
B) Kungfu performance theatre
C) Cable car ride to Mountain A with Four Flavours of Water Temple 
D) Cable car ride to Mountain B with dangerous looking bridge
E) Dalai Lama Cave where he spent meditating 9 years in
There's a temple up the mountains in the Shaolin zone that has 4 natural wells with 4 different tastes!
Sweet, sour, bitter and spicy.
Co-existing with these tourist attractions are dozens of kungfu academies. Song Shan Kungfu Academy is at the foot of Mount Song and is near the original Shaolin Temple. I'm relieved to find it for real. 
In the Shaolin temple, you'll find this ancient tree where the holes in the tree were supposedly created by warrior monks practicing! In some temple halls, you will find depression in the floor, also created by training monks.
This huge pot was what the head monk used to stir-fry vegetables UPSIDE DOWN.

Enroute to my kungfu school, i passed the training grounds of some 30,000 local children. Small to large groups of children were seen training in various pockets of land. The teenagers training for military service were either topless or dressed in exercise sweats. The children in independant schools wore the robes of warrior monks. 
Check out the boys' stretching warm-up.
See a back flip? Kungfu training against a picturesque backdrop of the Song mountains.
Children were seen somersaulting through the air and bending backwards. Their shaven heads bobbing up and down as they train relentlessly under the sun,  practicing stunts off wooden structures and running day to night. Its like walking into a kungfu film set

No wonder Westerners think all Chinese know kungfu. Damn, 30, 000 people practising kungfu at one time? That's pretty representative of all Chinese.

Even in a Shanghai park, we saw unsuspecting old men practicing "defensive" Taiji. Slow defensive strokes turned offensive. 

The Chinese martial arts is representative of highly varied martial systems that are somewhat difficult to trace. This is something that sets the Chinese arts apart from the majority of martial arts systemswhere a clearer lineage is often known.

Living Spartan
We arrived at kungfu school and were shown to our room. A time schedule written with calligraphy on aged paper was plastered on the wall. I felt like i've transported back in time. 

Maroon sheets on twin beds, a small but clean room, this is going to be our resting place for the week. We later found ourselves hardly wanting to stay in the room at all because the bathroom emits a smell. Thankfully, the smell is bearable. 
In a Chinese village in the countryside, we wouldn't have any better options. The accomodation draws water from a nearby pump, thus resource is limited. 

One evening, i was bathing with a trickle of water before it spluttered and died. There i was, shampoo in my eye and body slippery, i had to call for help to deliver mineral water from the bottle. Mindful of water conservation, as it means going down the hill and lugging back 5 gallons of drinking water, i wiped soap off myself with a wet towel.  Its the first time i slept with shampoo reminants in my hair. 

There is also no hot water but it was summer so cold showers were welcomed. However, it rained 2 days while i was there and i swear i wasn't aroused despite my body parts looking like it. 

I didn't dare take a dump in my unreliable room toilet. Sometimes it flushes, sometimes it doesn't. I wasn't going to take that risk. 

Most of the time, we were dirty and constipated. 

Meal times were what i looked forward the most. Although the variety is not extensive, i was enjoying every meal. Can't say for those students who stay more than a month (imagine eating the same hotel buffet every day) but they said its the best they've tasted compared to other kungfu schools around China. 
Students checking out the offer.
You learn to be very "Chinese" during meal times. Don't be the last to the table or there'll be scraps or worse, nothing left. The chefs are afterall feeding famished students who trained kungfu-ly hard. After my first meal, i wisen up to be at the canteen 3 mins before meal hour. 
Don't the chefs look out of the movie God of Cookery?
Everyday, breakfast is freshly-made Chinese pancakes with a sprinkling of carrots and chives that tasted pretty plain like pita. Some students hold their own bottle of honey as a spread and share it around. I bet a jar of Nutella could get in return some serious favours...
Raw cucumbers and carrots with hard boiled eggs were also supplied. What's unique is the school concocts their own protein shakes (made of beans) for students! Every morning, we get a different mixture and we drink them from a bowl like ancient kungfu pugilists do in teahouses. 
Lunch and dinner is purple-grained bean rice with 3 hot vegetarian dishes (1 has chicken) and a cold vegetarian dish. Other than the occassional treat of thinly sliced potato fried like chips, there is no other junk food. 

An indulgence would be walking down the hill in the evening to the little shops for an ice-cream. There was even a makeshift stall selling bubble-tea by kids! I was tempted, but remembered toilets were not condusive. I even bought "FEIYUE kungfu shoes" from the shops for only USD 2!!

In the evenings, its nice to take a stroll outside the school as we watch the local children being whipped into perfect pugilists. "They run the hell out of them", our school secretary said. These children as young as 3 are placed here by their parents either to toughen them up, or hoping they become a star like Jet Li or make a future living as a performer. I saw only 2 little girls out of the hundreds of boys. I was mesmerized by the little children, what discipline and perfect form they had. 
Teenagers were slapping sacks furiously with their hand like a karate chop, we joked they should open a Shaolin bakery where sacks are dough. That'll kill two birds with one stone! 

We had wanted to pay for tickets to watch a kungfu performance at the Shaolin performing theatre but was told peeping into local schools is better. Indeed its better as its raw, real and awesome but on hindsight, watching an inexpensive performance would have been breath-taking too!

The Characters
I never would have thought but enrolling into a Shaolin kungfu academy could be rehab for some. I look up with admiration by these individuals who could 
1) openly acknowledge their alcohol, smoking, drugs and abusive relationship issues
2) seek to save themselves as no one else can
3) commit to a totally different culture and lifestyle semi-permanently

Most came with martial arts background, one was a gymnastic performer onboard a cruise, one a dance cheographer and a 14 year old who is a descendent of the Spartans! The Maniot started Karate at 7 and initially wanted to experience Karate at its birthplace, Japan, but later changed his mind to learn something different. He got his parent's blessing (and money) and flew in from Dubai. 
Most students are relatively youthful, with the youngest ever being a Western girl aged 9 and the oldest in their late 40s. The 9 year old girl hopes to take a year off school to return for a year long training! It reinforced my thought to inculcate my children in martial arts. 

There were 4 Russian children, aged 12 and below, in my kungfu cohort. They were mischievous as kids are. Their parents sent them to China for "summer Shaolin camp", hoping to instill discipline and appreciation by stripping them from tablets, mobiles and the luxuries of city life. The boys remained naughty still in their first two weeks, vandalising furniture and disturbing lessons but hopefully over time it'll change. They led a simple life and strict regime like the adults do, no excuses. 

Heads of students don't need to be shaved, but many do because of the heat and/or as a symbol of removing vanity from life. As i left the school, i overheard a potential punishment to the mischievous boys was to shave their heads. 

People from all corners of the world, come together, to train, to laugh, to learn. 

Sweat, Sand and Poop
The school has a schedule and discipline is metted out to those who disobey. Punishments start from 100 push-ups for not being punctual. We start the day at 5.30am with non-religious meditation to prepare mentally for what comes physically. We collect a cushion, close our eyes and sit cross legged. Some sneaky students like me, will use this 30 mins to continue their dreams sitting upright. As long as you don't start snoring, you'll go undetected. 

At 6am, we start cultivating our Qi with Qigong and Taiji. 
At 7, we break bread, or rather, chinese pancakes. 

We resume training from 8.30 to 11.30. This time would be used for power stretching, practicing kungfu forms and weapons. We rest for lunch at noon before resuming afternoon training at 4.30 till the evening. 
Horsing around.
Training can be customised to each individual's objective. Longer stay students can pick a form to perfect (drunken fist, praying mantis, tiger, crane and more) 

There's alot of fun in body conditioning training too! Like acrobatics and more. 
Its not all about kungfu as each afternoon has informal cultural lessons like calligraphy, mandarin, tea appreciation and the likes. 
The schedule for Mon to Fri is different but it repeats weekly. Every Friday, we climb a thousand steps to Dalai Lama's cave X 4 times. 

Famous Last Words
I've never been healthier; in bed by 9.30pm for an early rise. Simple food never tasted better; despite it being vegetarian. Body never more leaner; a total cleanse and detox without skinnymint, teatox, nakedjuice and other cheesy names. 

Inspired by the people who came, all with one purpose, to be introduced to the world of Shaolin. The whole experience was not a walk in a film park, my body ached and it took alot of perserverance but it was living a life tailored for a Hollywood film. 

Unassuming characters from all walks of life and martial arts discipline came to the mountains around the Shaolin Temple to study kungfu from a “real kungfu master”. Shi Yan Jun is the disciple of the 34th abbot, who could teach us the pure, unadulterated Shaolin martial art.

We snuck into the Shaolin Temple in our warrior monk robes and learned history of how the temple was destroyed in a heist ordered by the Emperor, witnessed evidence of the existence of kungfu monks. 

Master Shi shared that Shaolin never wanted to pass on the knowledge of art to the Western world but he hopes to make the art live longer. He and the Taiji master resembled those from an ancient Kungfu movie. Shaven heads, cherubic faces and a really long white beard invites confessions. Their demeanor non-judgmental, soft and tolerant. They personify Chinese martial values. 
ok, slippers not part of the kungfu outfit

We left in excellent shape. Shifting from horse stance to bow stance in a flash, our punches and kicks carry the sound of wind on robe. 

As Dalai Lama said, "Go somewhere you've never been before". 
P.S Watch my video in older post

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Facing Porcelain's New Outlet

Located at the new mall on Somerset Road, Orchard Gateway, Porcelain Face Spa's new outlet is pretty damn fine-looking.

I walked in and felt like i walked into a resort spa. Decked out in dark wood, pebbles strategically placed puts me in the zen mood.
Porcelain's outlets ( the other in Outram) have always given a cosy feeling, small, intimate with welcoming faces of therapists. 

At the new outlet, Porcelain's acclaimed skincare products are paraded in this exhibition aisle. 
I picked up my favourite products to go #foundationfree! 
Porcelain Face Spa's new outlet only serves treatments without extractions. A convenient quick fix in the midst of shopping.

Speaking of shopping, another reason to check out the new Orchard Gateway are these quirky new shops!

While the ladies are getting their face fixed, their boyfriends can browse a level dedicated to men.

Perhaps they can take the time to groom themselves too, at the new Premium Barber, a no holds-barred pampering outlet for men.
Or browse indie fashion boutiques like White Rose Parlour with an old Shanghainese intetior. 
And when you are done with your facial, he with the window-shopping, finish off the day with Instagram-worthy interior and #foodporn with Supply and Demand, a promising Italian Asian bistro.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Cocktail Recipes with Lipton

Just the other day, George Young invited us to his house for a Lipton tea party. 
When there's tea and canapes in the house, there'll be good conversations.
But when you combine tea AND alcohol together, you get many possibili-teas!
Bird's eye view.
George roped in a master mixologist from Cufflink Club to give us a master class in concocting some very refreshing cocktails.
Mixologist Joel looks at George lovingly, that's what possibili-tea do to you
16 unique recipes with a variety of Lipton tea, i am so inspired to start throwing ADULT tea parties! They are good looking to boot too, surely to impress my guests. The Fruitea Red Crush which i successfully made was SO SIMPLE yet such a pretty drink that tasted very refreshing. A tinge of sour, the right amount of sweet and very fruity! It felt like a healthy drink, i almost forgot there's alcohol in there. Such cocktails are deadly, they're so yummy that you'll down too many before alcohol has an effect. Hehehe. This recipe is ingenius! Perfect for our Singapore weather, perpeptually summer. 
Here're the recipes:
2 cocktail instruction videos available

However, if you are having a children's tea party....
I have tea parties with my animal friends!
there are also mocktail recipes! You can get them from Lipton's Facebook page.

With alcohol, tea and a relaxed atmosphere, i made friends at George's tea party. I spoke to another mixologist (also a guest) who told me he has never heard of tea being used for cocktails. This was rather innovative and revolutionary!

These recipes give a new twist to tea drinking, opened up many possibilities other than just being a hot drink. The new Lipton broke teabag tradition to come up with the Lipton Pyramid bag which allows tea leaves more room to move and infuse for a better brew. 

The Forrest Fruits Lipton tea pyramid bag smelled soooo good the moment i release the box from its wrapper. I think i can hang it like potpourri in the bathroom.

Possibili-teas right?
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