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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wonder Girl

I had a list of things to do before I die. Or rather, things to do before I become a mother (having a dependant). I’ve done all of them, and I stuck at thinking what else i haven't done.I have:

Fed a tiger out of cage (14 years old). Check.
Danger Element: 5/5 (according to my mum the tiger might get hungry)
Bungee jumped and lost a shoe (18 years old). Check.
Danger Element: 5/5 (you really felt like you're committing suicide.)
AVT driving and almost off the cliff (18 yrs old). Check.
Danger Element: 3/5 (do not daydream when driving a fast powered vehicle)
Swam with the sharks and kept a shark tooth( 20 yrs old). Check.
Danger Element: 2/5 (release all pee before dipping in)
Sky dived and look like a fool (22 yrs old). Check.
Danger Element: 5/5
Glacier climbed, scared like a baby (22 years old). Check.
Danger Element: 2/5 (it's really really scary because you're just afraid you'll slip and fall to your death! Not crushed by ice, but you crash into ice)
Scuba dived, screamed at urchins (23 years old). Check.
Danger Element: 1/5

I can't show you a picture of this because i was too terrified and i flew across waters, can't stop and take picture.

World’s greatest roller coaster, 20 storey drop (since age 12), all conquered.
Danger Element: 1/5
However, i have not:

1) Lie underneath an elephant (can be accomplished at those elephant shows. Danger element:2/5 (you can get squashed in a freak accident)
2) Eat a snake, starfish and all those weird stuff on the streets of China. Danger element: 1/5 (food poisoning)

I scraped the idea of swimming with the crocs after my best friend did it last summer and came back with a rather disappointing review. My shark encounter was a lot scarier.
I like adrenaline. I like fear. Although one thing I won’t “play” with is visiting haunted places. I contemplated, Old Changi Hospital etc. But the last thing you really want is to be possessed. Then again, at least you still have your limbs compared to the other things that I do. I would do a guided tour though, i.e. visit a prison (that is possibly haunted at the gallows) etc. But I don’t think I should do tours like Cemeteries etc. Oh! Did I ever tell you when I visited the Fremantle Prison in Perth, we captured one of those orbs in one of our cameras? And in that orb, there was a FACE.

I’ve plenty of personal ghostly encounters, but I’ll leave that for another post.

I’ve been very blessed to see the Old Jerusalem that I just found out to be one of the wonders.
I missed Grand Canyon (damnit) and Great Wall of China, my brothers went.
Then again, no big deal since I am not a real fan of scenery and architecture. BUT they would have been great opportunities to cam whore!
Before, I specifically directed family holidays that includes adrenaline. Scenery is BORING! But as I grow older (so did my parents), I tend to not mind scenery. No, I didn’t say I LIKE scenery so I’m not turning into a grandma yet.

However, when you see natural beauties, you literally marvel at the power of our Creator.

                                           The Wonders I must reach before I hit 30.
1) Auroras, also known as northern and southern (polar) lights or aurorae (singular: aurora), are natural light displays in the sky, usually observed at night, particularly in the polar regions.

The best bet is to see it in Alaska where I can then sleep with Huskies in Igloos ( I hate the cold!). Maybe Canada will be a warmer bet.
2) Great Barrier Reef
I haven’t really seen anything impressive so far in my diving trips. I want to, and I plan to. Australia is very achievable!

3) Italy
Rome has always intrigued me because of Troy and drama series Rome. I usually dislike old movies, but movies about the medieval times, I like! Paris is overrated, the cathedrals with paintings on the wall, floor and everywhere is boring.
4) South Africa
The only place where Great White Sharks leap up into the air, my South African friend says. They’ve been conditioned to do that in order to catch seals by surprise. I’ve gone on whale and dolphin watching tours. They didn’t make my heart skip a beat.

5) Tonga, New Zealand
I’ve visited New Zealand twice. Next to Orlando (where Disney World and Universal is), New Zealand is MY FAVOURITE! I did all my extreme activities there. I can’t rave about New Zealand enough. A large variety of yogurt can be found, kiwis are so sweet, fruits are so fresh, massive mountains form beautiful backdrops IN THE SUPERMARKET.
Another to add to my list, swimming with the humpback whales. This is also easily achievable in the next year or so because it’s fairly nearby. $2000, affordable. Better yet, you don’t need to be a diver to experience this. You can snorkel and get the same! 2011, Xinci?
6) Egypt
Born a scorpio, I am intrigued by all things dark and mysterious. What more than mummies, evil pharaohs and pyramids? However, it’s not only that I’m curious. How the local leads their life is pretty amusing too!
There you go, 1 must-do thing a year before I reach 30.
PM me if you’d like to join me off the beaten track. I will first screen you as a suitable travel partner, and I charge a freelance agent fee for non-friends. Boy, am I an entrepreneur!


Hayden Chan said...

i want to go off to space and feel the zero gravity sensation before i die! Then i can die peacefully.

Xtine said...

Aiya! Must be realistic! Haha

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