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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Tourist: 5 Things to know about Venice

1) You'll go into shutter frenzy the moment you set foot into the acclaimed city of love and water. DO NOT be a sua ku tourist and fight with tons of other tourists for that spot. All around Venice, you will GET THE SAME VIEW. 
See what i mean?

2) Venice is essentially a tourist trap. Souveniers and food are more expensive towards the center, as well as the pathways along the canal. Get lost in the maze of Venice and you'll find similar items for sale for 1/3 of the price. I.E. Venetian masks more visible to the public start from 5-10 euro. Obscure alleys sell them for 2 Euro. Gelato costs 3 euro at crowded places and 1 euro within alleys.
Need to put disclaimer: Made in China Italy!
3) Shoebox apartments built at close proximity are Italy's signature way of living.
A slice of Italy!
4) Pee sparingly as it costs $1.50 Euro to enter the public toilet. The hotels do not sport toilets in their lobbys either, so don't be a smart alec. You can however, be a sneaky smart tourist by slipping into busy restaurants and use their toilets. Otherwise, make sure your SGD 3 is worthwhile your fountain.
Venetian biscuits dipped in 'holy' water are only ordered by naive-tourists-who-say-yes-to-anything like me. Tasteless hard biscuits were dipped in strong tasting wine, it was awful and cost 6 Euro.

5) Everthing costs. 25 euro for a 5 hour parking, 50 cent - 2 Euro for a simple city map. Though it may be an expensive day out, at least i could say i've been The Tourist shot in Venice.


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