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Friday, March 19, 2010

Life's Difficult Choices.

Of late, i've been conducting a little survey around..i asked men if they would prefer a Mermaid or a Centaur (woman-horse) The million-dollar question. Little Mermaid was my favourite cartoon since childhood. More than Beauty & the Beast because it has the element of fantasy, of a different world under the sea. I watched it countless times, even till now, i still can vaguely remember the song lyrics from the cartoon.
An asian version.
I used to sing when i am bathing, pretending i am in Disney performing on stage. When i was in the swimming pool, i pretend i am Ariel. Yes, i have a very wild imagination. I too, love Mermaids.

So naturally, men chose the mermaid over the centaur. I asked why?
Centaurs can be quite hot too, just with a heavy bottom. Your wife after giving you a child, WILL ALSO have a HEAVY BOTTOM.

Well, the men protested that mermaids are just more exotic and erotic. pointy boobs for me.
But i thought i'd go for the centaur. After all, it's WARM BLOODED. And who doesn't like to touch furry animals?! Fishes are cold and wet and scale-ly.
The side view looks kinda appealing. This woman MADE that costume on her own, by the way. My friend however commented, "Naah. I won't go for a centaur just in case she compares me with the other horses. They're well-hung."

So mermaids seem to be the popular choice. Indeed they're beautiful creatures.

The model is using a skill called free diving. It is an extreme sport that you have to hold your breath while underwater. People compete in how how far they can go with one breath. Their legs fused together temporary, they do the dolphin kick for speed.

Here is one that shows the actual sport, without the fancy model-y shoot. The music is absolutely enchanting.

So, you think you really prefer a mermaid to a centaur?

There're real life mermaids too.
This poor baby is born with a deformity. Her legs are fused together, forming a tail. Dubbed the mermaid syndrome, it could be a fatal condition as it affects her internal organs. I wonder how she passes motion. Plastic surgery is employed to seperate her legs.

I remember seeing a real mermaid at the Ripley's Believe or Not museum. As it is appropriately found in the Believe or Not museum, it is up to your own deduction.
Some said it's found on the shores of Philippines or Thailand (it's closer to us than you think!), some said its a hoax. Where people fuse a monkey's torso with a fish bottom. Sounds possible, looks believable but still eerie.
So if mermaids really exists, it might not be as pretty as you think. It could be a nightmare. Now you want the furry animal?
Such a haunting picture! Better give you something easier on the eye. Haha!
By the way, if taken out of the children's cartoon context, Disney's Little Mermaid song actually sounds lurid!

"Darling it's better
Down where it's wetter
Take it from me"
- Song Under the Sea

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