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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Do Women want a Babarian?

On the invitation of Omy, i watched the premiere of Conan the Babarian.

I was disappointed with MDA doing the edit so seamlessly, not. An entire love making scene was deleted from the movie, which i thought was crucial to The Way of a Barbarian.

The movie described the philosophies of a barbarian to a T.
Conan fights as if it is a sport. He don't fight for political objectives but for personal grudges.

As a barbarian, Conan also parties heavily, celebrating with no inhibitions or reservations. He drinks like there's no tomorrow (although he will never pass out and flash his panties like the ones lying outside Zouk) and grope any woman who comes near him.

Unfortunately, MDA censored the scene where Conan had sex. So i had to get an understanding from scenes of the old Conan from Youtube.

Wenching is the act of seducing women to have sex with him, although i would think a barbarian don't really need to seduce women since the women seem to be extremely attracted to his primal caveman-like mannerisms.

Though a barbarian is known to please himself and not others, when it comes to coupling, he respects and satisfies the woman's needs. 

To put it crudely, if all a barbarian wants is a good fuck, he is better off with a she-goat.

The virtue easiest to understand, as a young Conan, he displays much courage fighting alongside his father with enemies.
Having a very strong bond with his father, it was moving to see how he fought bravely and would lay his life for his father.

And while he shows no mercy nor kindness to people who did him wrong, Conan is generous and loyal
to his friends.

These virtues of a barbarian are non negotiable and not wavered. They will not be conveniently discarded like the men of today, somewhat resembling the traits of our ah bengs, where they are loyal to the triad's brotherhood.

A barbarian fiercely defends and protects his dependents or companions for the sake of his own self-worth.
Although interestingly, fiercely loyal a barbarian can be... they do not need to only copulate with one woman. He may have a wife, but he is able to bring home a bond maid and his wife is unable to object. Women are his properties, and it is good to have plentiful like the rich men since these bond maids will help his wife with the house maid when not having sex.

To the barbarians, being faithful do not mean marital fidelity as we understand it now. It merely means survival of the tribe because in such small social groups, genetic diversity is necessary. 


So, with the characteristics of Conan a barbarian, will a modern day woman want a Conan to love?

Today, implicit consent is needed in order not for a Conan to end up in jail. A modern day Conan cannot just take a woman by her throat, turn her and press her against the wall before savaging her from behind.

Our feminist political correctness is a wet blanket of romance where many women would like to feel they are in no control and that the men are in complete control.

There are creative ways for a modern Conan to demonstrate dominate behaviour without it being a turn-off.

Women who make men carry handbags in Singapore have submissive tendencies. Even career women will want to be dominated except the men they are dating don't know how and thus the women take charge. I myself am an independent strong woman who resists dominance. However, the truth is i do have extreme submissive tendencies but i exhibit this through resistance and denial. 

I look to know if he is strong and dominant enough to push through my resistance and overwhelm me. Only then, you are fit to be my Conan.

So without being perceived as an assault, a man can probe a woman's submissive tendency with harmless dominance moves.
1) Do not ever make your dominance a topic of discussion or even asking consent. "Do you want me to dominate you?" just sounds needy.

2) Hold her tight and pin her arms behind her back, a slight tug at her mane or a light nibble.

3) Playfully wrestle when deciding where to eat or what to watch.

4) Deliver a light playful whack on her rump, while she's standing up fully clothed.

5) Take her firmly by her wrist and cross the road leading her or guide her with your hand pressed on her small back.

6) Look straight in the eyes and deliver some sort of line with a penetrating gaze of adoration.
"I love your femininity."

7) Order her a choice of poison, especially when she doesn't have a favourite alcohol drink. I personally get a heady rush when a man orders me a drink out on a date. I am not a frequent drinker thus am clueless when it comes to ordering. Brownie points if he guesses spot-on what i would enjoy sipping.
All these 6 actions can be carried out, assuming you are past the first stages of dating.

Ultimately, we are all driven by very primal instincts. Women want a strong man who not only have deep emotional capacity, but also the insight and intuitive to figure out how to savage us and take our breath away. At least i know i do.
So while the wimpy boys of today watch Conan the Babarian that opens on 19 August, i hope the subliminal messages reaches them.
"Many wars and feuds, did Conan fight. Honor and fear were heaped upon his name and, in time, he became a king by his own hand..."


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