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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Analogy

Animals often masturbate. Humans do too, but less. And that’s because humans have a higher level of intelligence than animals that allow humans to do more things in life other than just playing with one’s self.

People who do not have a normal IQ supposedly can engage in sexual intercourse and self pleasure. So then why are there Singaporean virgins who “don’t know how to do it” when they first consummate? (The overly done survey that reminds Singaporeans of its “shame” over and over again) Given the fact that, these good people know how to Google, have access to pornography compared to the people with special needs.

Here’s the defining experiment: Throw a 15 year-old into the sea that can’t swim. She’ll drown. Throw a baby into the pool, she would instinctively swim.

Sex is innate, the simplest of all forms.

Rumors have spread that one monkey practicing the new technique went blind from
“overdoing it.”
“After his seventeenth round of masturbation, he received a
blow to his eyes, rendering him blind,” explained Brown.

“Scientifically speaking, this was not a product of his masturbation, however.”
The actual cause of the blindness, Brown revealed, was the fact that this monkey had not been furiously tugging on himself, but had rather been feverishly jerking on a spitting cobra he had mistaken for his own penis.

“He never was the brightest banana in the tree,” confided the monkey’s mother.


Interesting read. Elephants rub themselves on tree trunks with one leg up, dolphins rub themselves on sea beds. Flatworms fence" using two-headed dagger-like penises which are pointed, and white in color. The "winner" is the organism that inseminates the other. The sperm is absorbed through pores in the skin, causing fertilization in the "loser".

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╬▒li said...

hawhawhaw. feverishly jerking da cobra. das a good one.

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