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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Memoirs of a Geisha.

I suggest that you do something like this. Track your passport photos, it is quite comical to see how you've grown.

In chronological order: 13, 15 (with braces), 16, 19. I think i looked the best when i was 13, minus the straight mushroom haircut with hairband. When i was 15, i was going for the Jennifer Ainston hairstyle, but it looked greasy. I also started getting teenage acne. At 16, i suddenly became very fair. At 18, probably inspired by ANTM, i wanted to give the "smize" eyes and lips parted head shot. Eyebrows overplucked, hideous.

My last passport photo was taken when i was 19. My head loked big. I noticed that my eyes seemed to have grown bigger, and my double eyelids formed. Now, you can tell if someone has surgically created double eyelids because i saw one (she confessed). When their eyes are closed, there is not a crease at the eyelid but a very prominent deep cut/scar across the eyelids. So anyway, i think its age and gravity that is pulling my eyelids over, forming a deeper crease. I remember when i was 16, i tried using those double eyelid tape. But i was never merticulous in dolling up, so i never knew how to really paste it (even now, i can't do fake eyelashes perfectly). When i went to my grandma's place, my kid cousin asked my uncle "why jie jie stick sticker on her eye?" Damn ma lu (embarassing) lah...bad influence to young kids. Jie Jie is vain.
As i said, i'm never merticulous in applying make-up, my mascara ALWAYS smudges and i don't care. I have all these dark lines across my eyelids, but i never bother cleaning them up because i feel, when your eyes are open, who can see?! And you will never be closing your eyes when you're outside...

And i remember once, my male supervisor (30 years old) at my internship ( i was 18) asked me in front of everybody..."Eh, what's that on your eye? Did you draw the PANDA eyes on purpose?" I wanted to dig a hole or throw a plate at him.

As i grow another year older, i look back at 2009 (time flies!) and realised that life is full of experiences.

I did my scuba license in 2008, and overcame my fear for the water (sort of). There's a picture of me taking my regulator out (terrifying moment!), and i doubt i will ever do that again (dare not).

And my first sky dive in 2007 (i'll do this again!) in New Zealand ( i love this place!).

I love the picture on the left. Very candid. And i laugh, as if the instructor will be afraid! Such an actor.

In 2007,I did my shark dive before i even had my scuba license. It was so freaking cold (or was it fear?) that my teeth couldn't stop chattering under the sea. I was so focused on breathing through the air-tank that i couldn't really marvel at the huge tiger sharks!

In 2004, I did my bungee jump in Lake Taopo, New Zealand. This is worse than sky diving. Because i am not strapped on to an instructor, and therefore have to take the leap of faith MYSELF. I nearly backed out, until the instructor pushed me (ok, nudged. It's a big no-no to push anyone off.)

In 2007, i climbed a glacier.

I need my adrenaline for 2009! Where's my adrenaline! The year is ending, i am supposed to swim with the crocodiles in Darwin, but i am stuck here. Boo hoo hoo :(

This birthday, i really want to appreciate my family. My dad who paid for my sky-dive, my bungee jump and supported me in whatever i wanted to do. My mum for giving me my pleasant looks and teaching me all the traits of a good housewife. My brothers for being my protector and best friends.

Alot has happened in 2009. Probably the most dramatic year. Still, i think they're experiences that made me live life.

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