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Monday, March 1, 2010

Are you G.A.M.E in Laughing Monday Blues Away?

Oddly enough, during my holiday in Japan, i have not seen one game show that is like those found on Youtube. As most societies would ban obscene images on national TV, Japan is one country that went against the norm.

The actual goal of this game is to avoid burrying your face in her cleavage. If you do, you get an electric shock. As soon as you feel pleasure, you feel pain. Would you men actually rather win or lose this game?

Moral of Game: No Pain, No Gain.

There's more of these games. I kind of wonder if these are actually meant to be porn or are they real game shows.

Here's a Japanese Sucking Game where 4 office girls had kitten's ears and crawled to a cat post where long sticks of ice cream stuck out. They then proceed to suck/lick any one. They compete in who performs fellatio the best? The geekiest looking one is surprising very good at it.

Moral of Game: Never Judge a Book by its Cover.

Then there's a no brainer one whereby the ladies have to collect as many coins as they can in between their cleaveages.

Moral of Game is: It's not how big, but how you use it.

Another one has 4 men running on a threadmill (but it goes round and round) to un-thread a girl. As they run, the wool wrapping her literally comes undone.

Moral of Game is: Perseverance.

Here's the ULTIMATE. you go ???! watching it. 5 women squirming all over the floor because they each have a toy in them and it vibrates as the drums are beaten by their male partners. They must resist reaching a climax. If you didn't think it that way, these girls actually look possessed. Whimpering on the ground, face twisted.

Moral of Game: Pleasure can be mistaken as Pain

There are many others like women in bikinis were asked to melt ice cubes and on purpose or not, the girls actions always end up raunchy while melting the ice. Whilst women are portrayed sexually in Japanese game shows, the men are ridiculed.

This is one whereby they play a word game and after losing, they are subjected to smelling another man's ass after he farts.

Farts on Demand, commendable. Guess the closest we can get on our national TV is "I Survived a Japanese Game Show Season 2" on Ch 5, Tuesdays 7.30pm.

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