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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

D Duck.

Donald Duck has been accused of being the most perverted of all cartoons, because he doesn’t wear pants. If you haven’t already noticed, Donald wears a sailor costume without pants except when he goes swimming
or that he holds a towel when he just showered. It’s pretty ironic and you really wonder what’s in the sick (or not) minds of the cartoonist. For the record, Daisy, his love interest doesn’t wear pants too!
Gender biased or not, she doesn’t get punished as much as Donald for not wearing pants! Finland even banned the telecast of cartoons featuring the duck. No pants? No show.

Was the cartoonist lazy in drawing just half Donald’s outfit? Or did he think that a duck’s ass is too huge to fit any bottom. On the contrary, if he hadn’t dressed Donald at all (leaving him all bare, fluffy and white), would poor Donald suffer the flasher image at all? Look at Bugs Bunny who wears nothing, he wasn’t crowned the perverted of all cartoons!
 Is Donald perverted by nature? Or because he doesn’t wear pants, and thus the perversion? 27-year-old April Magalon of Pennsylvania claims that Donald Duck grabbed her boob at Epcot Center in Florida.

The Smoking reports that April is suing Disney for $50,000 claiming that she suffered severe physical injury and emotional anguish after Donald Duck molested her chest and then lifted up his snowy white hands in the air “indicating he had done something wrong." says April is currently being treated for the money grubbing drama queen disorder post-traumatic stress disorder she suffers from thanks to Donald's wandering hands. April's lawsuit also mentions that there's a long list of incidents involving costumed Disney characters molesting on unsuspecting victims.
Of all the mascots I’ve met around theme parks, Donald was one character I disliked the most. Unaffected by what just happened above, I remember he kept jabbing my ribs when I first encountered him when I was 11. It was also at Epcot Center in Florida. When he put his arm around my shoulder for a picture, he used his fingers and grind that joint connecting my shoulder blades. It was painful lah!

I tolerated and not punch the duck in the face because well
1) I’m a docile 11 year old
2) it’s Disney! Where everything is magical and happy
3) He’s a Disney character, maybe he’s in character?

Got to admit though, when i saw Donald again recently at Tokyo's Disney Sea, my nipples freezed. Donald may not be a phaedophile and thus only went for my 11 year-old shoulder joints, but now that i'm a woman..who knows!

This reminds me of children below 7 as well. I use to hang out with children a lot, because I teach Sunday school. Once, a boy smacked my ass from behind while calling “teacher, teacher!” I didn’t know how to react, he did after all, remove his hand after 2 seconds. Another, when the thunder roared, he came running into my arms and co-incidentally (or not) had his hand placed right on my right boob. My heart stopped and I wasn’t sure to fling his small hand dramatically away or not.

We all know that Donald’s characteristic is being mischievous, cheeky and has a bad temper. Is that why there’re so many “lurid” videos on You Tube about the horny duck?

Should we however cut mascots some slack? They are after all in this stuffy oversized suit that probably blinds them, giddy with the lack of air, still they have to act in character. Perhaps it was a little difficult in controlling where their hands swing? Like this shampoo ad.

So smooth till you touch her boob.

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Goldfish Uncle said...

HAHaha! you thought that boy in Sunday school... I thought him on Saturdays. So proud he's pickin up fast!

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