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Monday, February 9, 2009

The Obligatory Graduation Picture.

I don't quite understand what is this about a MUST photoshoot with the family whenever there is a graduate from the family. Its like you walk into every home who has one, there you'll see one framed in the living room.
I think it's a Singaporean thing. Because a paper qualification is so important and it's like a show-off of your intellectual ability. It's something where the aunties in the markets will go, "my daughter is a NTU graduate you know...."

Which makes me wonder, if your child is a buay tak chek, and probably went to some overseas uni to 'buy' a degree, will you still be taking such an obligatory picture?
But yes, mine IS an overseas degree (Australia), i wouldn't say i am a scholar, neither did i buy my degree. But i sure am confident to make a mockery out of this graduation thing. Or rather, my elder brother came up with the idea.

My guy friends say i look like my mum and so they know how i'll look like when i'm older. Thankfully, the boys said "Yes, they'll still like to grow old with me". Pardon my mum's bulging tummy. I was too lazy to do any editing, i don't usually do anyway. You see me as it is. Hey, she's got 3 kids and with age, that tummy is pardonable. Besides, my father is a good man who simply doesn't care about the outlook. That includes female hairy armpits. Not saying that my mum has one though.....
See. So proud of the certification like fawning over a newborn baby.
So yes, if you ask me if i'm framing it up for my living room?
I am.

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