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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Urban Jungle

The only thing i dislike about Singapore is the crowds. Wait, make that two things..crowds AND heat. When i arrived back in Singapore 2 years ago, i remember my shock when i boarded the MRT at 11AM to go shopping. It was 70% filled with people. Which was never the case before i left Singapore. 11am is a time when people are either at school or at work. It's neither lunch time nor rush hour. At a time like that, the MRT usually and should be filled with mothers with young children or the elderly.

Now, it's a common sight for the MRT to be packed with people at the odd hours. Even at 11PM.

And so you can imagine the train in the morning, when everyone is going to work. It's packed like sardines.
I experienced:
1) the door closing and knocking the bridge of my nose (for a moment, i thought i was disfigured)

2) being pressed against the door (i kept getting these Final Destination moments where i imagined the driver opening the wrong door and i fall out.It made me wonder if there's a safety feature that when the train is moving, no matter what buttons you press, the doors WILL NOT open. They ought to have that.)

3) stepping on a woman's toes who got very PISSED (come on, it wasn't thaaaat bad. I didn't really step on you. I ALMOST stepped, but i didn't.) Because of that, i became VERY cautious when i am wearing open toes. I knew, i just cannot get pissed at someone if that happened to me. I am a docile creature, contary to popular belief.

4) a man holding on to my waist as he exits the train! He's a Chinese young man and he treated me like a doll, where he placed both his hands on my hips and moved me to one side. Without saying anything! Not that if he had said "excuse me" would have granted him putting his hands on my waist. But....but....but......

That's the thing. I knew i should have screamed "Molest!" but i just couldn't. I didn't know/ didn't dare to react. Its as if i was afraid people would give me the eye and accuse me of being dramatic. When i was 14, i was in a crowded bookstore (World of JJ) at Bishan MRT. Another Chinese young man man brushed against my breasts...i felt violated. But i thought, maybe it was just crowded. So i let it slide.

Occurance time: Afternoon

Then i saw a flasher (another occassion la. Not so suay 2 times in a day!)on the steps of the overhead bridge at Bishan MRT. He was sitting there, legs opened and his fly was open and his thing dangling. Because his skin was dark, i wasn't quite sure if i saw correctly. All i knew was i quickly hurried past him. Again, i was afraid to dial 999.

Occurance time: Afternoon

And last year, on my way to work, i heard the bushes rustling as i was approaching. My heart stopped, i was afraid a mad dog was going to run out. Instead, it was a man MASTURBATING in the bushes. Facing the pathway, next to a bus-stop. It was in BROAD DAYLIGHT!! At 9AM! At this moment, a little older..i was very tempted to whip out my camera to snap a picture. But....i was 1) late for work, 2) didn't bring my camera 3) was afraid he's going to SHOOT me (yucks!)

I didn't call the police either. Sigh....i'm so ashamed of myself.

Please don't be as cowardly as me. Bring such men to justice.

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